diy onesies

My sister-in-law had a little Gender Reveal thing over the weekend and her cousin got the kind and thoughtful idea of making diy gender neutral onesies for future Baby Olsen of the unknown (to us!) gender. Just to further solidify my thoughtfulness, she got all the craft supplies and stencils and I just got the onesies. White onesies are my special-ity after all. Oh and if you think I'll tell you the gender I shan't. Because I was verboten. 

It's pretty standard. Stencils. Foam brushes. Assorted acrylic (or fabric paint if you're feeling fancy) paints. Wine. Etc. Here are some pointers from me to you. Take them or leave them.

- Less paint is more. On the brush. The stencils were made of paper and they bled when there was too much paint applied. This deeply upset me to have a stencil run together. Case in point: chevron onesie.

- Don't forget to decorate the hiney of the onesie. So cute. Bree thought of that one.

- Gold.

- Put cardboard or a magazine or something inside the onesie to prevent leaking.

- Painter's tape. The possibilities here are endless and I only wish I had thought of it before I finished my five onesies. You almost don't need stencils you could do so much with it.

You may notice a bit of pink mixed in there and that is just because I couldn't resist making my baby niece her own little one. And I also made one for my other future niece/nephew (three of them!?). Sharing the love around a bit.

And dare I say it? I kind of enjoyed myself. I think it might be fun to get the future mothers together and make some more. Once all genders are known of course because sticking with gender neutral colors is no fun in my book.