diy onesies

My sister-in-law had a little Gender Reveal thing over the weekend and her cousin got the kind and thoughtful idea of making diy gender neutral onesies for future Baby Olsen of the unknown (to us!) gender. Just to further solidify my thoughtfulness, she got all the craft supplies and stencils and I just got the onesies. White onesies are my special-ity after all. Oh and if you think I'll tell you the gender I shan't. Because I was verboten. 

It's pretty standard. Stencils. Foam brushes. Assorted acrylic (or fabric paint if you're feeling fancy) paints. Wine. Etc. Here are some pointers from me to you. Take them or leave them.

- Less paint is more. On the brush. The stencils were made of paper and they bled when there was too much paint applied. This deeply upset me to have a stencil run together. Case in point: chevron onesie.

- Don't forget to decorate the hiney of the onesie. So cute. Bree thought of that one.

- Gold.

- Put cardboard or a magazine or something inside the onesie to prevent leaking.

- Painter's tape. The possibilities here are endless and I only wish I had thought of it before I finished my five onesies. You almost don't need stencils you could do so much with it.

You may notice a bit of pink mixed in there and that is just because I couldn't resist making my baby niece her own little one. And I also made one for my other future niece/nephew (three of them!?). Sharing the love around a bit.

And dare I say it? I kind of enjoyed myself. I think it might be fun to get the future mothers together and make some more. Once all genders are known of course because sticking with gender neutral colors is no fun in my book. 


letteria's room. before and after.

As I said earlier this week we did a helluva lot of painting the first week in the new house. Three of the rooms we were lucky enough to get in and paint prior to move in date. Letty's room was one of those rooms. 


The final product is very similar to her old room just with less angels and introducing brighter colors. Some notes: The old photos you see scattered around the room are of her parents and grandparents when they were children. That little pink dress at one time fit her, many moon ago when she was teeny and tiny and silent. The hanging flowers were part of the decor I purchased for her first birthday party luau.  The rocking horse lamp used to be in my room as a child. Naturally. The piggy bank was a hand painted gift from her Aunt Beth. And the bud vases were painted by yours truly when she was still on the inside. And of course the entire second story got new carpet. You can't really tell in these photos but I feel the need to point that out. 

More to do? Yes! Always. My brother has assured Letty that one day he will paint clouds on her ceiling again. I used to have a quote about guardian angels above her bed so we may find another quote for that. Just hard to pick one. Any suggestions?

Have a great weekend everyone!


fyrtile myrtle

Lately I've been focused on warmer climates on these Thursdays and I think I'd like to continue on that same train. When I was some odd months pregnant with David we decided to hit up Myrtle Beach. We had family with a condo down there and we were antsy to leave the cold behind. We dragged my brother Rob and his wife Ashley along with us. They needed to learn all about life with a toddler and why not several full days of toddler kingdom eh? To start off I give you a lovely photoshoot by my sister-in-law. One of my favorites. Personally.

What can I say? The family that graphic tee's together stays together. 

We tried to enjoy some beach time but Letteria found the idea most horrifying. We visited the local attractions and drove past the fancy homes. We watched my stomach move like an alien was inside and we mostly freaked out Rob and Ashley. My final words on Myrtle Beach would be that it is a family friendly destination with quite a lot to do and things to see etc, etc. Bring as much food and booze as possible from home to save on the expenses. Also. If you are driving from PA to SC you might as well just continue on and hit Disney (in my Disney-crazed opinion). The end. Oh and don't eat at the buffet. 


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