you got your pit. you got your peak.

It's Friday! And even though that doesn't hold as much joy as it once did I still figure it's kind of a good thing. So does she. Anything for more time with her daddy.

So I will just jump right in here with the pits. Dun dun dunnnn.

- The rashes that have been popping up on Letty's cheeks and neck... Combine that with the cold symptoms and slight fever and I'm pretty sure that's Fifth's Disease. Which is basically just a term to scare the hell out of you. From my extensive limited research it really is not a huge deal unless you are pregnant. So. Watch out incubating ladies. My kids are diseased nasty little things. Isn't self diagnosing fun??

- Boxes. Packing them. Loading them up with stuff. Picking them up and putting them down. Cleaning everything really well.... the shame that accompanies such an act when I realize that maybe I haven't cleaned a particular item in the seven years I've owned it. Maybe.

- Snow days! You know me and my days with my neighbors. We crafted... and we took the kids outside.... and there was lots of talking. Andddd it might have been our last one. Good thing there were two of them this week. And we tried not to think about that aforementioned fact.

- Trifecta is as follows: David is napping for a solid quiet three hours. That's number one. Letter B is that Letteria is playing silently putting together puzzles, which, if I may say so myself, she is a freaking genius at. You've gotta give me that seeing as she thinks every color is blue. Every one. Anyways, Roman Numeral iii: COFFEE. Second or third cup of the day I don't discriminate. It's pretty much my perfect afternoon.  

- Figuratively putting up that "sold" sign (we don't have an actual sign and no, I don't know why). I realize we were a bit lucky in this market etc. etc. but September - January seemed like a long enough time to me. Patience is a virtue I lack in spades. Is that even a saying? I shall make it mine. And it shall be my squishy. Look at all our lovely plowed snow and our empty recycle bin! I just looked at it from the warmth of our dining room. I had a passing thought something along the lines of oh Laur you should go out there and get that and then I just went on living my life.

- Long naps. Wait did I already say that? Yes. Those things. And yesterday Letty was in a particularly good mood so that was a huge peak because she's been a bit prickly this week and I missed my sweet little girl. I say sweet loosely. A mom has to have some hope.


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