yesterday in harry potter gifs

I woke up at 7 a.m. and jumped on the elliptical for 45 sweet uninterrupted minutes.

Within five minutes of workout completion Letty started in with her love and destruction.

Driving the tortuous 45 minutes to Grammy's house with two frustrated children screaming about oh I don't know. The sun.

Grammy's lunch selection this glorious Monday was Arby's. Chicken tenders baby!

Letty kicked over a stool made by my Poppop and then told me time out was unfair...

The drive home included lots of discussions about nice vs. naughty. And no iPad. Or radio.

A visit with a girlfriend from high school brightened up the afternoon.

Letty told me she no longer liked me and I was a bad mommy. Story of my life kid. Story of my life.


Tubby time involved a lot of splashing and kicking against my wishes.

8:00 p.m. is the glorious "to bed" time. Go to sleep young children or I shall MAKE you go to sleep:

The children. They finally sleep like it's not a big deal and Matt and I look at each other like:

And then. Wine. Or in Hermione's case. Beer.

And that was my Monday. 

How was yours?



  1. I'm a nanny. I whole-heartedly understand each & every gif! 110%!!

  2. Hilarious gifs! Less than hilarious day... Mine was a good day even though Aria bit me, pinched me, and ripped open my lip. 1 years olds are buggers.

  3. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA thank you for making this post. You made me laugh. Not at you, in like a mean way, but like a, she is amazing and does so well with her kiddos. Cos sometimes even the cute ones are frustrating : )

  4. Would you believe it if I said I've never seen Harry Potter? But even I can appreciate this post. Damn I hate when our kiddos act like little jerks!

  5. Harry Potter makes all things better EVEN Mondays. Say we'll go to the Wizarding World and say it will be soon.

    *Even if we never do.

  6. haha funny :) love the harry potter GIFs

  7. Oh my! So funny!!! All those emotions are oh so familiar to me!

  8. Seriously? Can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this post. I'm Harry Potter obsessed. Is this yet another thing we have in common? We need to make our blog friendship official and meet up sometime. I feel like you are my other half!! Weird? lol


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