ya mon.

This week's Travel Thursday has me headed towards Jamaica. The land of milk and honey. Or.... Red Stripe and something... else. Matt and I traveled with my brother John down to the Sandals Grande Riviera in Ocho Rios, just a short (three hour) drive from the Montego Bay airport. It was our first trip to an all-inclusive and hopefully not our last. We went over Easter and it was the warmest, most relaxing Easter I've ever known. The weather was perfect. The sky was cloudless. The water was that awesome color that I think we all know by now I just really really really love and I kind of want to bottle it up and take it everywhere with me. I could list off a bunch of things that we did but quite frankly, it mostly involved eating and beaching and pooling and drinking and... drinking. And that's what an all-inclusive is all about. Just one question... Why were there no margaritas? 


I also probably most definitely was quoting Forgetting Sarah Marshall the entire time. Buena Vista Social Club.


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