top five favorite disney flicks

Welcome back to yet another Disney post! This time related to movies. Our favorites to be exact. This could be quite the list. So I'll narrow it down for you. I'll stick with five family favorites. But I'm sure we will pretty much be watching these five and many more before this vacation. And on the way to this vacation. And Matt, Pirates does not count as a family movie because: scary.


Mary Poppins. How could this not be on the list? It's iconic. I love Julie Andrews and I love the music and I just love it all. Letteria has been singing Let's Go Fly a Kite before she could even say my mother's name. Meeting Mary was such a highlight last trip. To me anyways.

Finding Nemo. This movie is good for the girls and the boys. And the adults. Although I always fast forward the beginning because, tear. The rest of it is very funny, which you know. I also enjoy that the kids get to go on the actual ride in Epcot. Who wouldn't love that?

Tangled. Oh this movie! You! I love the songs and the humor and that horse! Every Disney horse from here on out should be like Maximus. He's such a corker.

Frozen. This is such a hit. The songs are all so good. That snowman and reindeer combination? Winner winner. We are super excited to wait in the insane lines just for a chance to meet them.

Beauty and the Beast. This was Letty's first love. It was probably my favorite as well until the above movie just came and ruined everything. I remember watching this with my friend Rhonda pretty much every night for weeks once it came out of the vault (we were fresh out of high school then). The two of us could give Letty a run for her money with the quoting and the singing. Letty sat still for over two hours watching this play at a local high school. Two hours. She was two and a half! Add another exclamation point for effect! She loves Belle so very much. Anna may have taken over for a bit but she'll be back Belle. Don't you worry. I am aware I'm discussing them like they are real. To a three year old, they are.

I could really go into an even more extensive explanation as to why each movie is loved but suffice it to say they are loved and they are classic and such is life.

Anddddd. Done.