toddler diy valentine

Craft here. Get your craft here! This year I decided to forgo the Disney Princess valentines that, lezz be honest, probably get pitched soon after opening (side eye uncles) for something a bit more thoughtful and cute. Simple, yes. Easy, it was not. You try wrangling a toddler into a position where they cannot touch their feet and their feet can touch nothing... But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The finished product:
I got the above canvases at Micheal's for quite the deal. My original thought was to just use construction paper for all of them but then when Stephanie suggested the canvases and pointed out their permanence I was quite smitten with the idea. Canvases for myself and for my mama it was. So.

- You need canvases or paper of any kind. It doesn't have to be a square either. Steph's was an 8.5 x 11 size and she still did the same two "letters" per line but you could also just do them all in one line as well. Just pointing out the obvious here as per usual.

- Acrylic paint. Knock your socks off here. Red, white, pink, glitter, non-glitter, etc. 

- Paintbrushes (der) and accouterments.

- Wipes. Because

Here are our cute test subjects. Oh the things we force them to do. 

Therein lies the difference between a Fitz child and an Olsen child. Note the clown act. Note the peanut gallery. And then note the mimicking.

Keep paint away from 18 month olds.

Cover their shirts with something you don't mind getting quite screwed up.

Do this project with Teacher Extraordinaire. While I get sweaty and all anxious Steph remains calm and serious. Nothing phases her. She always has a plan. And she's extremely relaxed during the entire screaming fiasco.

The girls did the hand "O" and the boys the feet "V" because my boy tends to make a fist instead of opening up wide for a nice hand print. Also, their feet were smaller. So we thought.

Snow days are for no make up and wearing my normal work-out-in-the-basement-alone clothes.

Twinkle toes. Just like his father. Deep sigh.

This may happen. An incomplete foot print. I just filled it in with my brush because that is what Steph taught me and when Mrs. Steph says something you do it. Yes ma'am.

I added a border to the canvases because I felt the art calling me to do so.

And there you have it. My sarcastic Valentine's Day craft.

All joking aside though we had a blast doing this and with baby wipes it all worked out fine. Plus it's just really cute and the finished product can block out all the stress. Self-induced sweat.