snow day 1 out of 2. this time around.

Hey there. Have you heard it's been snowing a lot? Have you seen a picture of what snow looks like? Well. I'm about to show you more. We had TWO snow days last week. This particular day was last Monday....No school means a day with the neighbors....Out in the snow. 

Getting dressed to go out in the snow is really hard work. Sometimes us adults just don't realize how very taxing it is to have someone figure out what you are going to wear, fetch the required items of clothing, and then forcefully place them on their bodies. We should really live the life of a toddler. It's rough.

And then! The wide open! This white stuff that people make such a fuss over. It looks like a big blanket and yet this particular toddler, and his partner in crime, sense that all the layers are alluding to something else. Something... darker and far more sinister.

Something that clearly the boy's sisters cannot sense. For they just go running out into the Great White Void and lay right down in it. Sometimes face first. The boys cannot, and do not wish to, understand this.

David tentatively sits in it. Not out of choice. No. He sits because he cannot work his limbs in order to stand up properly. The concentration is palpable. He shall walk again.

The boys are placed into a sled so that the offensive snow doth touch them not. Only one boy thinks this is enjoyable, the other? Well the other does not trust the situation he has been put in. If he remains very rigid and still perhaps no harm will come to him.

From sled directly to swing. That is the thing.

The girls forget to wipe their noses and they go down slides and climb up ladders. They show off their boots and eventually, the other boy joins them up in the house. Simply put, the snow is not coming down up there and he is on solid footing. This is just good business. All this while the younger boy sits contentedly in a swing in a puddle of melting snow.

After a short amount of time has passed that I'm sure to this boy felt like an eternity, the adults finally gave in and took them to warmer pastures. The house. Where it was dry and warm and their limbs could once again move freely. The sisters however, took some convincing. Bribed with pizza and a friend we were finally successful.

And that could pretty much be the last time I attempt to take them both out into the snow this season. The end.