should know better than that

I was recently having a text chat with Kerri (nothing new there) and the age old adage came up: Why haven't we learned this by now? I'm thinking that could be the start to a Sex and the City episode. How bout it? So because Mondays are meant for uber creative lists...these are the things that I'm just ashamed to say I should know better by now but that sadly, I do not. And apparently. Neither does Kerri.

- Drinking a full glass of water prior to every meal is good for you on many levels. Not just for weight loss. I know all the statistics and yet, fountain soda coming right up!

- That third wine fill up of the night will be something you will regret in the morning. See above.

- Autocorrect was created to make you angry. The machines are taking over. But don't let that get to you.

- Sleep. You need it. Go to there. There is no shame in sleep.

- McDonald's is in fact really bad for you. And you'll feel worse after eating it. 

- You cannot control anything in life. Let it go (cue Frozen soundtrack. Lord help me. I need Mumford. And I need them now.)
Hey! Snow. Again.