If a blogger goes to an event and doesn't take any photos with her fancy pants camera did the event really even occur?

For the benefit of this post I'm going to go ahead and vote yes.

For the past four years we have been invited to quite the event. OTBN. Or. Open That Bottle Night. It's pretty much the highlight of Matt's year. Because. Wine. Good wine. Good peoples. And a ton of laughs. I left the fancy pants camera at home because I'm a tad embarrassed by it sometimes. There I said it.

The general deal is as follows. Appetizers and drinking wine are provided. Delicious little treats for sure, nothing but the best. Everyone brings a bottle of wine for a tasting. And you must be prepared to sing for your supper. Bring a story. The logic behind it. Or at best some handouts. 

After everyone showed off their choices we moved on to a bit of a game. Five bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon at several different price points in brown bags. You taste and you rate what bottle goes with which price. And! I won! I am a Cab Sav girl what can I say. Ps: I never win anything. 

And as a reward for my good ranking I got this little beauty:

Then! As if all the lovely food and wine and company wasn't enough, the hostess handed out these succulent wine cork favors. My first succulent! With wine corks! Basically the dream of all dreams coming true.

We really do enjoy this event. Every year we are shocked that we are once again invited, and so glad that we are. We had so much fun that we lost track of the time... We waltzed in the door a few minutes shy of midnight only to find my baby sister and her husband fast asleep. Kids these days. They just can't hang.



  1. love! sounds like so much fun. and right up my alley

  2. Such a good idea, and so much fun. And Yay, I love succulents. And patterned leggings : )

  3. How cute are those corks?! LOVE! I LOVE succulents! xx

  4. yay you won! looks like such a fun evening.

  5. AHH! I love everything about this post, but I'm bummed I wasn't invited. BOO. I'm going to be pretend mad at you for 2 weeks now.

    The succulent favors? GENIUS. I LOVE THEM. (I just spelled Genius wrong and had to spell check, mommy brain. I swear having kids fried my brain cells.)

    And yes..I hate dragging my DSLR everywhere. I really need to invest in a good digital camera, am I the only one that gets really embarrassed taking pictures of random things? The hubs is always like, are you seriously taking a picture of your margarita right now? Why yes. Yes. I am.

  6. Ok seriously! This is too cool! I want to do this!! And the take home party favor...genius and so cute!

  7. This is amazing! Totally jealous, I want to do this. I just need more friends that drink wine. I'm sure I can pick some up while I'm wine touring in the Spring. I'll have to practice my red wine drinking before this though. Oh, haha that is what the touring is for.

  8. This sounds like an amazing event!!! And you won....and the prize was more wine?!? Can you say heaven? Sign me up sista!

  9. i spy apothic red wine corks! ;) is it too much that i can id a wine by its cork?! but that is such a good blend, and genius with the succulents!!! also i am a cab girl, too. well, chianti is my lover right now but cab is my always loyal side lover.

  10. This sounds like a really, really fun event! And I mean also, SO MUCH WINE.


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