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open house for a preschool + things.


Sunday we took some necessary steps in order to prepare our first born for the real world. We took her to her first preschool open house. I am kind of surprised by how much this has been haunting us. Kids grow up. When they turn four (or three, whatever) they go to preschool. And then they go to Kindergarten and life continues on in this pattern. It's just what is done. For generations or whatever. But we were quite distressed by this decision. Full days or half days (our future school district has full day Kindergarten)? Two days a week or three days a week? Continue on under the impression she will be prepared for Kindergarten within one year? Or two? And then what about her being away from me for two and a half hours? She's never done that. Not with a, gulp, stranger. How does your heart keep beating when it is walking around outside your body? Will she listen and be respectful? Will she make new friends? Lots of questions. Not a lot of answers.

But we went. She toured the school. Saw two potential class rooms. Met the teachers. Played with the toys. Spoke very few words. She didn't respond when asked her name. She played well with others. When we pulled out of the parking lot she said bye school! See you another time! I figure we are doing the right thing and that she will in fact love school. I don't have to figure. I know. And somehow my heart will just go on beating. 

Registered. Check that off the list.

Also happening on our Sunday? Gathering up all the things we have been storing at my parent's and bringing them into a garage bay in preparation for moving (less than three weeks!). Not pictured? A patio table and four chairs. And assorted riding toys. And a battery-operated convertible car. And a hutch. But who's counting?

Don't for a second think that there is nothing left in our house. Because that would be a mistake. This stuff is just from the initial declutter and de-personalize purging. The mind reels.

After all of that we had our rescheduled neighbor dinner. Avery saw these at Target and just knew that Letty needed a blue one to go with her pink one. Like mother like daughter. The little sweeties.

And that was our Sunday. I only have six months to get used to the idea of Letty in school. Not enough. Not. Enough.



  1. she looks adorable giving side eye in the last photo haha. also - preschool - TOO SOON FOR ME TOO

  2. hooow is she growing up so fast?! i am so not ready for m to ever go to school. but, hey, i didn't go to pre-school, and i think i'm doing pretty okay so far... i probably owe it all to the books and crafts i did with my mom ;) but my siblings wanted to go to pre-school so they did. guess who turned out the best? ;) ;) just kidding. or am i?!

  3. you made a tag for school stories! wahh! I know she will do great :) and is that your parents garage? It looks like the inside of a house!

  4. Preschool...preschool... it is tough! I cried when I dropped Ace off the first day, I also sat in the parking lot and looked in the windows like a creeper. But he loves it and he has grown so much, so it is worth it to me. Letty will love it and thrive in having that independent time!!! And just you wait and see how excited David will be to have you all to himself for a few hours.

  5. It is incredible how fast they grow up. That is quite the pile of stuff you got going on there. hehe Love last pic of Letty!

  6. Time flies when you are surrounded by cuteness! I love her hair in that school shot. And, Yay, only 3 weeks to go!

  7. Nick didn't go to preschool because even just 10 years ago nobody really pushed the issue. He's always been a little behind so I guess preschool does help the kiddos out. It's always a tough task, but I think it's good for them (of course I probably won't feel that way when its time for Savanna to start!) They make new friends, learn to socialize and play without the "mom hovering" or am I the only one that hovers? Nicks 10 and I still "hover" I'm so going to be that Mom following him around at the mall hiding in clothing racks! Ha! Good look with moving. I don't miss doing that. AT ALL. but the good news is, you should feel all refreshed when you move into the new place:)

  8. I love reading about your kids. Good luck with all your transitions!

  9. No way not school. How do you prep for that? Just deny. Deny deny deny.


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