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Welcome back to another Travel Thursday and hey, it's still snowing here in the Northeast. Sun. We need sun. So as I was trolling through my bazillion million photos on the computer I decided I'd go way back in time to a certain cruise, circa 2004. Into 2005. Because this particular cruise happened over New Year's Eve. Which, if one likes New Year's Eve, is a fantastic way to ring in the new year. The best. 

This was the one and only cruise where it was just the six of us. No grandparents. No aunts and uncles. No significant others. Just. Us. We flew into New Orleans the night before embarkation. The Travelling Trovato's toured a tiny bit of the city before turning in for the night. The next morning we had the bright idea to walk to the ship and bring our own luggage, which was quite the show. Once on board we spent a lot of time making funny faces and making our mom laugh until tears. We used our flip phones. I read Under the Tuscan Sun for the first time (which, coincidentally, was one of my very first Amazon purchases). We ate. We saw sunsets and went to Captain's Cocktail hours. Some of us drank Shirley Temples. Not a single one of us went for a run (can you tell? Can ya?). We stopped in Jamaica for a spell and I can't even remember if we even got off the boat we have been there that many times. We went to Grand Cayman where I am absolutely certain I bought my first of three tanzanite rings. We ended with Cozumel and driving very large buggies all over the place. And having one hell of a time doing so. Oh and the New Year's Eve celebration that included passing a ship in the night and fireworks, all whilst in the middle of the ocean. The entire thing ended with the longest day in an airport in the history of long days in an airport. Which meant a few slap-happy (but not so happy) teens.

It can never be just the six of us again (hey - I kind of like the new additions), and we had no idea then that it would be the last time, but we sure went out with a bang. And to think. Only three of us were of legal drinking age. 


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  1. god i love everything about this. every. thing. also you're all babies. wild. rob doesn't even look like the same person ha. and - the lvc sweatshirt - STILL have the same exact one. memoriesssssssss

    lastly, i need to link up next week.

  2. Oh you guys are so cute, it looks like you had an amazing time! Cozumel is on our maybe go to list this year - and I think you just sold me!! Yay for Travel Thursday : )

  3. So good, just so good! I heart all things cruise. I would love to do a NYE cruise. Scratch that I NEED too.

    You guys are all so young! Love it.

  4. It seems like you had a great time! Some of my best memories are from cruises that I've been on with friends and family!

    Ashley, Married to the Game

  5. I enjoyed the lovely pictures :) you guys were all so young looking...especially your mom!

  6. Loving the travel recaps! I have never been on a cruise but been talking about trying to get a group to do one for a long time. Love seeing you younger, not that you don't look young now or anything. You know what I mean! =)


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