my five favorite wines

On this lovely Friday I have decided to share with the world my top five favorite wines. They just so happen to be of the red variety. I wish I had the financial means to be sipping on these every day, but until I win the lottery I'm normally enjoying my Franzia. But I digress. 

I was first introduced to wine by my grandma. She would give me a sip here and there. Always red. When I was a junior in college I spent two weeks travelling around Italy and I only further grew my love of all red wines. These just happen to be my favorite. Give me a bottle of any of the below wines and you'll see a huge smile come across my face. Because really. Wine. And I firmly believe all wine has a story.

I first had this on a cruise ship of all places. I was initially drawn to it because it was the cheapest bottle they had and well, wine can add up on a cruise ship. I loved it from first sip. Over the years I have grown to love it even more for it's sentimental value, because it turned into one of my grandma's favorite wines as well. So now every time I see the rooster, I think of her. And our mutual love of wine.

I don't really have a great story behind this. Which is strange. This was one of the wines Matt discovered in his glory days of purchasing $300 worth of wine a month, when he used to be mistaken for a bar owner. Nothing like a newlywed budget am I right? 

Robert Mondavi is someone I think Matt would love to be. Pretty much haven't met a wine of his that we haven't liked. Matt introduced me to these wines, which reminds me that he has me to thank for even trying wine. To think he was never a wine drinker prior to 2004? Schade.

This is James Maynard Keenan's wine. If you watch Blood Into Wine it'll explain more and it's also a really great documentary. I wasn't really a Tool fan but after that movie I am. And a fan of his wines. We discovered this documentary and watched it over and over again. Then searched high and low and drove to the great state of Maryland just to get our hands on it. Pennsylvania liquor laws suck. The end.

This little beauty I tasted for the first time over the weekend and wow. Wonderful. To make matters worse I was told it really is only available around Halloween. So naturally, I love it. Although I suppose if I cannot find it Red will have to do. Who am I kidding that is just as good. Love when I find a new wine.

And that's it. I am hoping that reading this will spur Matt into running out to the wine store. Who knows maybe there will be a sale? 

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