look forward.

First let me say we have sold our house. All the good mojo you guys have been sending our way has paid off and poof! Sold. Now we just hope everything goes smooth like Marvin Gaye till our settlement date. Which is oh... six weeks away. I've got lists upon lists of things to do here and there and things to pack and my brain is even more jumbled than before. But. Excited!

Way back in June of 2007 we pooled our means and we did a really grown-up thing; we bought a house. All of these pictures were taken then.

Houses are full of all kinds of memories as we all know. This was our first home. It was the first home our children have come to know. We have made it so beyond our own, personalizing almost every corner.  As I write this I'm sitting in our loft. A room that was once never used. A room where I sat while laboring with Letty, a memory I am acutely aware of. A room that morphed into the playroom of all playrooms. I look out the three large windows towards a neighborhood I have walked almost daily. I know it so well. Sometimes I've walked it solo. Sometimes waddling. Sometimes pushing a stroller. Sometimes steering a little girl on a bike. And plenty of sometimes with my best friend.

Which. Melancholy. Leaving them. I have been choked up over this for months. Which is why I normally didn't let my brain go there. But when faced with packing up your belongings it's time to face facts. We are all moving thirty minutes (25 minutes if you drive really fast) from all our bestest of friends. The things that can no longer happen because of that distance (albeit a small one) are too numerous to name and then I would not only sound weepy but I would actually be weeping. But trust me when I say that I could wax on for days about the perks of having your best friend as your neighbor. The main thing I'll miss is our impromptu full-day days. Snow days. Summer days. Days where a walk turns into play time turns to lunch turns to naps turns to dinner. Days where the discussion of communal living is seriously considered. That or an underground tunnel. Details. We hit the jackpot with those neighbors in so many ways. They have been so much to us. They were the only reason we would stay here. Just for them. 

But we aren't staying... So I keep telling myself to look forward. I know I won't lose them. My friends. But things will shift and change. I won't be a short walk or a shout away. Driving to see your friends? What is that? Sounds like complete horse hockey to me.

In order to not be a TOTAL cry baby I shall attempt to redeem this post with a list of reasons why they will NOT miss having us as neighbors: 

The ability to be out on one's deck or in one's backyard without being screamed at by a curly-haired three year old. 

The bounce house can be up and just your two kids can play in it. 

You can go for a walk that won't get distracted by the family at 22.

When working out before 6 am you'll know no one can see you when they are up with a certain toddler. In other words. Stalker out.

You can have a domestic as loud as you want and not wonder if we can hear you. Not that anyone has domestics. Ever. 

If you don't feel like hanging out one night you can just make up any ole excuse. We won't know the difference. You won't need to turn off the lights and crawl on all fours around your kitchen. Yeah. I've seen you. 

You won't need to install our car seats in your van and drive us to and from DW.

You won't have to water our plants/get our mail/weed our garden/mow our lawn.

That horrid insurance-mobile will be out of view.

Love you. You Fitzs. I hope you know how very much every one of us loves every one of you. They are building in our new development. Just saying.