how these parents celebrate vday

It's been a tradition for the past oh, four years, that we spend Valentine's Day with our neighbors. It just makes sense to us. We can wear sweat pants. We don't have to drive anywhere or get a babysitter. There is no high-priced dinners and crowded restaurants. And not many people can handle the kind of crazy that is our children and so.... this tradition was born!

There's the obligatory shot of roses and then because we are in the North East here's the picture of the snow accumulation. Back to the rest of the day....

We had some fun (ha!) attempting to get the kid's picture in their matching Valentine's gear. We gave them glow sticks to occupy them whilst I opened a bottle of wine. Letteria had her first date with Liam which involved a ride around town and then some gazing at the ceiling. Her brother watched most carefully as good brothers do. And then the best part! We gave the kids their dinner first. They said their quick prayer and then they were off to watch Grease and sing and dance while the parents got to enjoy an adult only (almost) dinner! GENIUS!

Then the adult dinner portion. Which if you are into food is actually really awesome. Thanks in no small part to Chef Matteo. There was plenty of wine, naturally, but the food. Oh the food. He made crab cakes with a roasted garlic and lemon aioli... Steaks marinated in balsamic and garlic with bacon hearts (awh) and loaded mashed potatoes. Oh. And Neil Diamond. Always and forever and ever. Sorry guys. But Valentine's really is kind of a girl's holiday and if we want Neil... we get Neil.

After sufficient time passed we were able to move on to the lovely and cute dessert provided by Stephanie. Shortcake hearts with cream and raspberries (my favorite ever) and strawberries. The girls donned their matching Valentine's presents and we retreated to the basement for a movie and popcorn. Where we took blurry pictures. Hey. Real life here people. My husband cannot take a clear photo to save his life. Or. Wine.

Perfect little date night eh? We kinda dig it. Till next year...