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hey. it's valentine's day.


On this lovely snowy day of love I shall give you photos of kids instead of waxing poetically about my husband. Because like I said before. I am the romantic equivalent of a nightlight. But I am however a fan of themed outfits for the kids and holiday photo shoots.

I thought hey, I'll take Letty's solo pics while David is napping and then when he wakes up I'll do the two of them together and then his solo pics. Because I am a professional photographer who needs solo pictures of her children on this holiday. Not. You would think I would know better by now that after nap time with David is more than likely to be quite dramatic including lots of tears and sobs and milk needing and maybe chocolate cookies. I'm such a quick learner.

Letty. She was no problem. Other than the occasional yawn. I am just so entertaining.

After the above cuteness it was David's turn. He was not so easily amused. There was a lot of chocolate cookie bribing happening. He traded in his normally smiling disposition for a much more somber one. He takes his loverboy status quite seriously. Almost as seriously as Letty takes her role as the big sister and ultimate I say, you do, do-er. Yes it is late and I made that up. Have you seen the snow? It's called cabin fever. 

It was all very traumatic and both kids needed their cookies afterwards. And mommy needed a beverage and a fresh deodorant application. Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. Both of their outfits are ADORABLE!! Seriously, what cute kids!!! So precious! =) I want your daughter's sweater!!

  2. Haha seriously I think I crack up even on posts that aren't meant to be funny. Because I can see this all go down in my head. Letty is so beautiful and David is hilarious. That outfit. You know how I feel about it :) Happy Valentine's! You know that I'm vying to be your 4th choice of Valentine after the three amazing people in your house, right?

  3. oh my gosh, the two of them cuddled in the chair! precious!! they are so sweet. happy valentines day!!!! and cookies! you win. i have no cookies.

  4. These pictures are adorable!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. dear lord have mercy. so freaking adorable. all of it. the close up of david and letty on the chair...his face...he looks just like you!!! Happy valentines day little love bugs! Aunt Holly and Uncle Scoops looooove you!

  6. Omg, I have been suspecting something for a while now but this just sealed the deal. I love your little kiddos! They are so adorable, I just wanna hug 'em and squeeze 'em (not too tight). Please don't get a restraining order. ;-)

  7. Aww these pictures are awesome!!! Their outfits are too cute :)

  8. Valentines Day themed kiddos - adorable. I love Davids shirt. And Letty's shoes - goodness me, the cuteness is cray cray yo.

  9. Oh my goodness I love these pics! First off loving your little camera-happy diva. So fitting. And D is behaving JUST like my little punk kid. Will not take a pic for the life of him. I don't care how many cookies I give him.



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