favorite disney ipad apps

This post is brought to you by the Olsen Children. Or more likely me (Letty) because I do all the talking around these parts. We give you: our favorite apps for our iPad as long as they are Disney-made. And we like all things that are Disney. Except David also likes trains. 


We are two really lucky little kids because our Poppop bought us iPads. Thank you Pop! Mommy and Daddy made sure to get really sturdy covers because sometimes I drop it or throw it down the stairs. And David chews on things. I get distracted easily. You should see me on YouTube. Back to the apps. 

Sofia the First Floating Palace. This one makes my mom nervous because I can record sound. You can pick a background and characters and then record your own story. Normally I just record mommy on the phone or something. But it's really fun. One day I hope to record something incriminating and Mommy will buy me beans. 

Palace Pets. These things are so pretty and they have such nice long hair. I take care of them. D tries but I think he just likes animals.

Brave Temple Run. This game makes me so angry!! I try and I try and mommy tells me that sometimes it takes practice to get better and it's just a game but I just don't like losing all the time. I don't like when the bear eats Merida. Or when Merida drowns. Mommy says this game isn't for three year olds. I make her play it and I watch and make mental notes.

Disney Junior. We love this one because, duh. It only works with something called wifi though so I get frustrated when we are in the car. D gets really mad. I get to watch all my shows when we are at home though   I can fast forward my shows and I can replay my shows. And David likes that his shows are here too. That's what he says.

Appisodes. This is if you don't have that thing called wifi. Not as much selection but comes in handy in the car or at my great-grammy's.

Disneyland. LOVE. I can explore Disneyland. Which isn't Disney World but it's kinda the same thing to a three year old like me. You can walk through it and play games and go through all the different areas of the park. There are games! It's so easy to use even D does. Daddy says it takes up a lot of space though. Whatever that means. I get lost in the park it's so nice.

Small World. I love this ride it's my favorite. This is a game and the song and I can play it over and over and over for anyone who is around. You are welcome.

Some are free and some are not but my parents take care of that. They like the free ones. We don't really see an issue with that thing called money. But I have gotten really good at begging. 

And my parents are saying to add WDW Maps to this list. It has maps and wait times and food places and menus and it's pretty much a staple during every visit. So they say. We just follow.

The other app they are talking about is new, called My Disney Experience. They have been talking about this app and Magic Bands and Fast Pass + and all kinds of things and I know they already made their dinner reservations through it so I guess it's okay. They are pretty pumped to use it. It might take the place of the one above. Boring if you ask me. 

What are your favorite Disney apps?