bahama... come on pretty mama

It may be cold outside (hello, just call me captain obvious) but here on andiamo today it's warm and sunny with a side of margarita. 

This Bahamas cruise was the last cruise before a baby entered the Trovato family. Beth and I were constantly asked if we were twins. We put on our finest threads for dinner each and every night. We danced in front of a giant Frankenstein to Michael Jackson tunes. We visited an island where no soul lives. We drove dune buggies and got covered with wet sand. We saw a Bruce Willis doppelgänger and we floated on a lazy mile for... miles. Matt held a bride's bouquet. We visited the lost city of Atlantis. We saw water that my dreams are made of. We got tanner than tan. We lost Ashley for a solid 15 panic-filled minutes (don't worry April she knew exactly where she was). We looked like babies. It was the first cruise after the song "I'm on a Boat" came out and so it was sung constantly. But it all started with lime t-shirts in the shadow of Manhattan's skyline.