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bahama... come on pretty mama


It may be cold outside (hello, just call me captain obvious) but here on andiamo today it's warm and sunny with a side of margarita. 

This Bahamas cruise was the last cruise before a baby entered the Trovato family. Beth and I were constantly asked if we were twins. We put on our finest threads for dinner each and every night. We danced in front of a giant Frankenstein to Michael Jackson tunes. We visited an island where no soul lives. We drove dune buggies and got covered with wet sand. We saw a Bruce Willis doppelgänger and we floated on a lazy mile for... miles. Matt held a bride's bouquet. We visited the lost city of Atlantis. We saw water that my dreams are made of. We got tanner than tan. We lost Ashley for a solid 15 panic-filled minutes (don't worry April she knew exactly where she was). We looked like babies. It was the first cruise after the song "I'm on a Boat" came out and so it was sung constantly. But it all started with lime t-shirts in the shadow of Manhattan's skyline. 




    also - tan and blonde streaks does a body good. obsessed.

  2. Oh my gosh these pictures!!!! Too good, they are just too good!! And I love the Bahamas. How amazing is the Atlantis resort? Definitely one of my favorite vacation spots!!

  3. These pictures have succeeded in relaxing me amid this chaos. Also, look at you rocking that bikini, Mama. Lastly, please stop living so far away so we can go for coffee (hot water for me since I quit coffee) and talk about pictures and Stephen King.

  4. Travel Thursday?! This may be my ticket back to blogging!!!! Maybe...;) I love it!

    Please excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin...must. go. to. tropical. locale. must. go. on. cruise. Steve, are you reading this? hint hint ;)

  5. Yay! Travel Thursday! And yay Bahamas. And Damn! Hotties!

  6. This looks like an amazing trip! What I wouldn't give for a TAN right now!!!

  7. This cruise looks amazing! I never knew that I simply must cruise out of NY till now. I have seen a few that looked awesome but we always pass on them. I always say I don't want to cruise out of there till I have have been or have time to stay and see it too. This must move higher up the priority list. I need the sun shining in my face off the beach. Not being blinded by the glare off the snow/ice.

    Oh and check out all the babes! Wow! :)

  8. Seriously needed this post today! I'm ready for a white sandy beach and sunshine! I'm busy planning a trip to Key West in my mind;) I'm so nervous to stomach is so weird. Planes make me sick, car rides make me sick, boats make me sick.. I'm so worried an entire vacation will be ruined because I can't get over sea sickness!


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