wine tree

You thought you were done with me and Christmas posts didn't you? Sorry to disappoint, but the after-Christmas sales just really were too good to not create my dream Christmas tree. The Wine Christmas Tree. Capital letters.

A lot of these things I already had just lying around the house so I didn't have to purchase much other than the tree and a few ornaments. Can you believe that I took no photos of the garland creation or the cork balls? Sorry but I was a woman on a mission. When faced with a deadline (self-inflicted or not) I can't stop. I won't stop. 

Every wine tree needs a bottle opener in place of a star...

...and little mini wine bottles from a local store, Details. If you're a "local" you should definitely pop in. Unique finds wine related and not....

...and wine barrels (thanks whitcombs!)...

Cork Garland:
I made this with a little help from Handy Matty. I just used twine that I had already looped around the tree in order to figure out the length I wanted (thanks to my mother for that idea - genius!). I tied one end around a paperclip that I had straightened out that was used as a "needle" if you will. Matt drilled holes in every one of these corks (!) as well as the faux cherries. I thought they were cranberries when I got them at Hob-bay Lob-bay but I was mistaken. Details. Still got the look I wanted. Thread it through all your stuff and there you have it. The best garland ever for the best themed tree ever. Oh and this is quite messy. I'd equate it to a bunch of sawdust. Or in this case corkdust? I was a mess.

These lovely framed chalkboard ornaments were also from Details.

Cork Ornaments:
These also needed Handy Matty's help. Because I am apparently incapable of tearing up a cork. Unless of course I am attempting to wrestle it from the neck of a nice bottle of red, in which case it becomes putty in my hands. You only need glass ornaments and corks. I used probably 8 corks per ball. Cut them or rip them or break them into pieces small enough to get inside the hole and there you have it. Easy peasy.

I got a few wine plaque ornaments to polish the tree off.

And there you have it. I suppose I'll leave this up through the month. Because it's awfully boring in my house these days and we could all use some little white lights again to brighten the days.



  1. god you're creative. (no sarcasm) and bless matteo for the cork-work

  2. I love it! I agree you should keep it up :)

  3. This tree wins all!

  4. So creative, so genius, and for the sake of your husbands hard work with the corks this might be a tree you just need to leave up all year! haha

  5. Cool. Now just wrap it up in saran wrap, stick it in a big box and ship it to me:) Or you can drive it. Whichever is easiest for you. I appreciate the effort.

  6. Lol you win Christmas wino award. Love it! If the kids get trees then you definitely should!

  7. GET OUT OF HERE!!! This is AMAZEBALLS!! Have you seen/heard about the new link up I'm starting called Sip Happens?!??!!
    Please PLEASE participate and involve all this as your decor for your party! You rock!!!

  8. I believe in little white lights year round. Also, a wine tree?!?!?!? Shut the front door. I want one!

  9. Um, this tree is EVERYTHING. Make me one, pretty please and thanks :)


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