who david is at 18 months

A few days ago something happened. My little baby turned 18 months old. I think what tipped me off more than the date was how very much like a toddler he had become. 

18 months brings David in dire need of a trim on those wavy locks of his. Other less exciting things this month brings:

- Planes, trains, and automobiles. Preferably trains. 'Choo choo' and 'chugga chugga' along with rocking back and forth like a train are pretty much his thing.
- His diet is colorless. Peanut butter crackers, pancakes, fries and chicken nuggets, crackers, pretzels. Oh and chocolate. Anything chocolate. Milk milk milk. Can't forget the milk. If you are even so bold as to attempt to place an offensive object on his plate (such as a buttered penne) he will swiftly remove the wretched thing from sight.
- He sleeps. Such a good little sleeper I just want to pinch his pudgy cheeks with joy. 
- He enjoys reading, emptying cabinets of their contents, playing with his iPad and tormenting his sister.
- Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Cars and Thomas and Mickey and oh my! Sid the Science Kid?! Have you seen that! He will just open his mouth up with shock over the things on that program.
- Standing on chairs. Smacking you. An occasional bite. Throwing pillows behind the couch. Turning on and off the lights. Opening the pantry and helping himself to any assortment of beige colored snacks. Squawking. These are the things toddlers are made of. But then add in there a little come on mom, I dare you. Come and make me sit down on the couch. Do it. But just know I'll stand here and smile at you and maybe even wink just so you have to hide that smile on your way over here.
- He spins in circles and has the worst balance. Three turns around and that child is flat on the floor. He thinks it is quite funny.
- We are working on where his nose is. For your information is is not in his the vicinity of his mouth. Big stuff here people.

We lost him there towards the end. I just don't understand. Sit still. Smile whilst looking directly at the camera. I mean. How hard can it be? His sister has clearly perfected it. 

I am a glutton for punishment. So here is where he was and where he is and in between and I'll be getting myself a tissue...

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