what i'm looking forward to most in disney

Disney is one of our most favorite destinations. Matt and I would go there just the two of us and love it (have I mentioned that before?). We have gone there just the two of us. It's got something for everyone. Young and old. And it's just so magical. Every time I go there I remember all the times we went as kids and just how amazing an experience it is to visit Disney World. They know what they're doing for sure. In a few short months we'll be headed there once again and we are pretty excited about it. So in anticipation of this impending trip I'll be doing a weekly Disney-related post. If you don't like all things Disney then I am sorry. Wednesdays will be a bit Disney heavy here. Consider yourself warned. The way to avoid this is that little 'X' up there in the corner.

This week....some things we are looking forward to the most....

- Seeing Letty's face as she rounds the corner and sees the castle. And meets Anna and Elsa. And Sofia the First. And goes on a big girl roller coaster.
//her first viewing of the castle on our last visit\\

- Riding Pirates of the Caribbean. It's our favorite ride. Just hearing the soundtrack makes Matt and I giddy. He was a pirate in a prior life.  

- Drinking around the world in Epcot. This really is our favorite. Soarin. Drinks around the world. Repeat. If we can coincide this with nap time that's absolute perfection. More on this later I'm sure.

- David was too little to remember anything from last year, so I'm excited to watch him take it all in. That's the most fun. Watching the joy in your child's eyes.

- Investigating the New Fantasyland. Last time we were there only parts of it open. I also hear you can now get booze there. A first for Magic Kingdom. 

Being that WDW is in Orlando and being that Kerri is also in Orlando of course we're looking forward to a visit with her as well. And she now has a season pass sooo. Yeah. 

Some people get Disney and some don't. I respect you either way. We are a Disney family. Fact. If you are of the Disney-loving variety, what are your favorite things to do?



  1. yay i made the list! haha. these are all deadly. counting the days..

  2. OH MY GOSH! We should totally host a Disney Series together sometimes in the future. Complete with Disney crafts and our tips on Disney. Would be tons of fun..even if we are the only ones that read each others stuff, haha!

    Love everything you posted. One of my absolute favorite things is our first stroll down Main street and seeing the castle for the first time. Gets me excited no matter how many times I've been.

    The new fantasyland is awesome, have you seen the new Tangled area yet?! It's only bathrooms but it's so darn cute. I like how everything connects and flows together and it drops you right back out at Liberty Square. Be our Guest was finished when we were there. But the wait was like 2 hours. I didn't have time to book in advance since it was so last minute.

  3. My dad and I used to spend half the day playing hide-n-seek on Tom Sawyer's island. That was my favorite.

  4. Wednesday is now officially my favourite day of the week! There is so much awesome and fun in this post. Love it. Disney wins all. Everytime.

  5. Yay Disney Land. I am mailing myself to you to hop in your suitcase!


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