top reasons why selling a house is fun. a satire.

We have had our home on the market now since the middle of September. Which has been such fun!  Here's why:

All of my photos and personal effects have been packed up in a box and stored at my parent's. Which is great, because I don't like to look at that sort of thing anyway.

All closets and cabinets have been "de-cluttered" so as to appear larger than they are. All those items are also stored at my parent's. This is such a gas every time you are looking for a random medication or serving dish, or say, cloth napkins for the holidays.

The carpets must always be vacuumed. The beds must always be made. The pillows must always be fluffed. The curtains and blinds must always be opened. The mirrors must always be streak-free.

All toys must be picked up every time you leave the house. In every room. Every time.

You must be able to do all of the above and corral two toddlers out the door within a few hours notice. At this point you should take out stock in deodorant.

Will you be living here in six months? In two months? It really is such an adventure not knowing where your immediate future lies. Especially for an OCD planner such as myself.

Really love something you saw on Pinterest? It's not really worth it to do such a thing now... Because you may not be here in a year. So just sit on that idea please. Add it to the list.

Transitional life. That's the life for me. 

In other words. Please buy our house.



  1. yes! buy the house! :) good post moi dear

  2. Ha. loved reading this. You have such a way with words Laur.

  3. Bahahaha!!!! I hate moving, which doesn't help since we move every 2-3 years. But I still hate it. And after reading this i never want to sell a house. But I hope yours sells soon!

  4. Oh, I remember what it was like selling our house before we moved here. HELL and I don't any toddlers. More power to you. You are awesome to be keeping up with it all. Hope it sells soon!

  5. Someone but this bloody house! It's lovely, it has nice vibes, it has vacuumed curtains, I mean, come on people, what more do you want!!

  6. We did the whole moving thing last year and it totally does suck. Thankfully we didn't have to worry about selling and all that stuff since we were renters. It did suck waiting for our house to be finished though(it's still not)..

    Good luck selling! I know how it feels not to want to do anything because you know you won't be there for long. And then the feeling of being anxious to do all that stuff on top of it!

  7. ugh!! We are more than likely going through this very soon....thanks to this I'm looking forward to it even less. So thanks.... =)

  8. hang in there! it only takes one buyer ;) and yeah. moving sucks. But, it'll be worth it! :)

  9. Ah this sounds so frustrating!!! I hope it sells soon and you can unpack your holiday napkins! Hang in there!


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