this instead of that

What has been happening here lately? Within the past month? I'll tell you because it's been a gas. Matt has had the stomach flu twice, a virus, and a sinus infection. I have had the stomach flu once and a virus. Letty has had the stomach flu once, a double ear infection, and the virus. Oh that virus TWICE. D has been lucky to only get a double ear infection. Only. So suffice it to say that we (a family of movers and shakers) have been mostly house bound and quarantined this past week and some odd days. In our cute new slippers from Nonna and Poppop. 

Instead of the normal human act of getting dressed each day there have been pajamas. Sometimes the same ones for more than two days. 

Instead of coffee with a girlfriend sans children I had tea and honey for the fifth day in a row whilst watching MORE Sofia the First. Oh, I found out what being royal's all about all right.

Instead of celebrating our neighbor's birthday with cake and wine we stared at each other over the deafening roar of captive children. Day 9.

Instead of a feisty curly haired three year old we have a lethargic, cloudy-eyed snot (ew) machine with an iPad attached to her hand. Fighting me to the last drop of Tylenol. 

Instead of shopping day trips with my mom (which are the best kinds of days) Letty and I ran out in between her feverish days to grab the bare essentials at a sketchy Walmart. A job normally reserved for Matt. Because he blends in at such places.

Instead of a "modern dad" we have a Matt who sleeps morning and afternoon and night. With a lot of coughs and sniffs thrown in. 

Instead of our weekly dinner with my sister we had doctor's appointments and prescription runs. And anti-bacterial gel.

Instead of a normally agreeable 18 month old we have a cranky, stir-crazy, nixy creature with a penchant for rule breaking, game playing and boundary testing. 

And instead of Frodo walking towards Mordor to save Middle Earth he's hanging out in my living room. Not wearing slippers. Because Frodo doesn't need slippers.

So. Happy Monday.



  1. poor you. poor kiddos. and i guess matteo too :) good post though!

  2. But, the Olsen get-togethers still marched onwards! We are crazy, although very immune apparently haha. Matt's hobbit

    Praying this week is illness free!!

  3. "A sketchy Wal-Mart because he blends in at such places" You literally made me LOL with that remark. My days have been very similar to yours, mostly because it's been so cold and I haven't felt like getting dirty lucks from everyone for "dragging my baby out" in such weather. FOR SHAME!

  4. UGH!!!! Being stuck inside due to weather is one thing, but turning your house into an infirmary is torture! I hope everyone is feeling better and kicks these germs to the curb!!!

  5. oh bless your hearts!! seriously, i am impressed at you hanging in there like you are. we had colds/flu go around our house for the holidays and i am so over it!! you will feel amazing when everyone is healthy again! until then... pjs. for sure! and lots of vitamins and tea :) hope you're all better soon!!

  6. Oh man..sounds like you guys have had a rough go of it - here's to hoping things get better soon!

  7. I love that Matt blends in at a sketchy Walmart! lol
    Hope you all feel better soon! :)

  8. Blahhhhh so much sickness! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon and you can escape the asylum!


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