the first day of 2014

2014 started off with more of the same for us. Family and food. And let me just get this out in the open. I do not approve of sauerkraut. I can't stress this enough. The smell alone turns me off completely. It's the main reason why I don't do crock pots. The consistency and color and what it does to perfectly good hot dogs? Gags. 

Thankfully my family tends to agree with me somewhat so kraut was nowhere to be found on New Year's Day. Pork, however, was found. Beth is quite the little culinary wife. And she hosted. In her pristine home. David ate all the chocolate cream pie in all the lands and Letty did the same but with sherbet. My kids just kicking off the year with healthy eating choices. Mama is so proud. My brothers were missed. Prior engagements and all I suppose.

When one family gathering ends another one begins. Matt thought it would be wise to make fifty taco shells. He was really holding out hopes that his brothers would in fact be hungry. We lost Steve early on because of The Plague. The gift that just keeps on giving. But not before we got an Olsen Family Photo. It's frame worthy if you ask me. And let me tell you. Self-timer photos are no joke. I need a tutorial or a remote or something. 

There was lots of twirling until you fall over happening. Uncles really like to rile up nieces and nephews, yes? Well folks. I'm writing it all down here. Payback. Maniacal laugh.... 

That was the first day of the year. I hope everyone starts to feel better. Let's leave this messy bug behind us shall we? If I have to hear that it struck down yet another person I just don't know what I'll do. I'm running low on Lysol.