playing catch up. or five things.

Five things on this third day of January, a Friday. Otherwise known as tying up loose ends. It is the new year after all. 

1 - A few weeks ago (I'm talking before Thanksgiving) after a few days under house arrest the kids and I escaped and took my mom to Hands on House. It was great having her there to assist with such things as a diaper change with one free child wandering around the den of germs that is a public restroom. And she bought me coffee and the kids cookies. She sure knows how to treat a gal and her two little constant companions. And Letty let me paint her face for all of three seconds and that is a breakthrough of note.

2- My father found some old letters I had written my Grandma from when I was a child, saved away for over twenty-odd years. I can't quite explain what it was like to reread my former thoughts and to marvel at the fact that she deemed them savable. That year after year they sat there in that box for whatever reason. Because they must have meant something to her. And it meant a lot to me to receive them back. To know I mattered so much to her that she saved a dollar bill I sent her to repay for some marbles she got me. Dated and all. One of my notes mentioned that I was learning my multiplication tables and that they were giving me difficulty. That I was only at the 6's. I feel ya Laur, I do. I still don't know them. Yes, my name is Laurie and I am a thirty year old that does not know her multiplication tables. I am surviving.

3- Alright home buyers. I've been patient long enough. I removed personalized decor. Hell, I removed most of my decor. I had Matt patch holes. I decluttered closets. I packed up cabinets. I moved things from storage to my parent's basement. I washed the windows and the carpets and vacuumed and vacuumed until my vacuum worked no more. I waited until the holidays passed. I am teetering on the edge of Losing Hope. So now would be the appropriate time for you to come out of hiding. Do the right thing and buy our beautiful little home so that we can finally leave this transitional life we have been living. So that we can finally move here. Please?

4- Sometimes I get a serious case of the giggles thinking about my future self telling Letty's future self and Avery's future self about all the nonsense they used to do together. For the sake of privacy I won't name names.... but suffice it to say that with them nothing is off limits. There is something quite comical in their lack of humility. Their innocence. Most of what I'm thinking involves bathroom time... and not always occurring in a bathroom. You know me and my poo humor. I'm not sure when it would be appropriate to tell them that stuff without scarring them for life. I pretty much figure anywhere between 13-16 will get the most mortification out of them, yes? 

5- Since it is the new year I am finding myself in the typical state that occurs to me once or twice a year, and always in January. You can count on January for this. A cleansing state if you will. I go from room to room, closet to closet, and I throw crap out. I organize crap. I make the crap look pretty. One area that to me has really been stumping me lately is Letty's stuff. Games and puzzles and crayons and stickers.... Play-doh. I want it to all look pretty and yet functional but most importantly I want it in some special magical place where Letty can access it but David cannot. Because he eats crayons and that shiz cray. I'm open to any and all ideas. Oh and can it not cost me a ton of coin?

So there you have it. My first Five on a Friday. I won't promise that it will be my last...Have a great weekend!