north. to alaska.

My creative juices are a bit shot this lovely Wednesday evening and I promised Tabitha I would do a photo-heavy post for today in a show of solidarity. So between her Canadian self and then Kelsey making me laugh in all her "Tundra Orchestra" glory I was naturally led to....Alaska. My brain is fascinating in how it works. Sometimes.

Many many moon ago, when the year was 2008 and the month was July, my family ventured north by way of airplane. We started our travels donning purple t-shirts and attempting sleep. The cruise left from Vancouver and headed to Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Sitka and left us off in Anchorage, or near there. The order of things may be a bit fuzzy these many years later but those are the official destinations.

In Ketchikan some of the bolder individuals in our group zip-lined while the faint of heart did a bumpy jeep tour that also involved some canoeing. In Juneau we rode an ancient school bus and did some frigid whale watching. Binoculars and all. We saw a lot of tail. In Skagway we drove back into Canada somewhere and did some kayaking on a glacier lake before taking a train back down through the wilderness? Forest? Mountains? It was pretty. In Sitka there was more kayaking and some joking around about bears and sensing menstruation. We saw a lot of glaciers in Glacier Bay and even saw some pieces break off. Anchorage ended the trip off with a ride up a steep mountain to where it was not acceptable July weather. As always in my family there was a lot of inappropriate humor and tons of laughter. Quite the outdoors-men we all turned out to be eh? (I spend one night thinking about Canada and I'm "eh-ing" all over the place.)


Lessons learned: don't buy windbreakers at Walmart. Because they will tear and we will destroy what's left of them. And probably laugh until someone pees their pants. Silly rabbit, flip-flops are for the lower 48. Don't cut hair shorter than collarbone. Ever. Before heading to Alaska be sure to play Rock Band until 2 in the morning so that you'll be singing Wantteeeed. Dead or aliiivveeeeeee... the entire following week ala Deadliest Catch. Pack layers. Just because it's a cruise and it's July do not let that fool you into thinking short-sleeve shirts are appropriato. And lastly, zipline. And drink the beer. 



  1. haha i love it. from the kayaks to the baby faces of everyone.

    also hate your comment box. HATE IT.

  2. Oh my god, it is beautiful! I wanna go, like, right now..

    and hey, its perfect for... Travel Thursday!! Maybe we should create a link up : )

  3. A. That first picture of Canada Place took my breath away and now I am home sick again. ;-) haha
    2. How is it possible I have never been on this cruise? It is leaves from my doorstep, well at least my old door step. Oh ya, I have a "serious" phobia of being cold so when I book a cruise I sail towards hot sandy beaches. I think you may have converted me though. Just moved this one higher up the list. :)

    P.S. Your photos are spectacular!!!

  4. even though this post made me shiver from imaging the cold, i love the pics! and that last paragraph? Laughed out loud!!!

  5. Woo hoo shout out to the AK!!!!!! Ok this whole post makes me miss the small small window of warmth (which you thought was cold) of the summer time! July last year we were absolutely on our deck in flip flops and tank tops in 55 degree weather saying- man it's SO warm! Haha. But beautiful pictures Alaska is magical, except right now when I can't get out of my driveway because of the non stop snow.

  6. Oh how I would love to go to Alaska! It looks amazing and it looks like you guys had a blast :)

  7. LOVE. Especially the pictures of the mountains. Looks like something you'd see on a painting.

    I've never been anywhere outside of Maryland besides Florida, and New Jersey.

    What a sad life I live.


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