new year's eve.

New Year's Eve. A night where staying up late, jumping on the couch and screaming loudly are no longer a punishable offense but are actually encouraged. Nay, applauded. The repercussions of which we can leave for later on in 2014.  

This night was saved for our neighbors (what else is new?). Even a sick Mark could not stop us. Come one come all. As long as you are wearing sweatpants or pajamas and are ready for noise and calling it an earlier night. I really should change the name of this here blog. Ideas I have: Fitzs+Olsens=Mayhem. Sister Wives. The Good Neighbors. Italian Invasion. My Daughter is a Stage Five Clinger. Just spit-balling here....


Matt whipped up steak and potatoes for the "healthy" adults and the kids had some pizza they decorated themselves. We watched movies (2.5 to be exact) and played. Lots of playing hard. 

I had a bit of a light bulb idea. If I do say so myself. Instead of forcing the children to stay up till midnight or worse yet, missing all the festivities... We searched through our dear friend YouTube for past year's Times Square countdowns. Lucky for us the girls didn't notice that it was 2010. Or is that unlucky? New Year's resolution: work on Letty's numbers. We were able to countdown and yell and clap and kiss all at the more reasonable hour of ten. The kids had so much fun with it that we celebrated again when it became 2010 in Ohio (Matt didn't think the whole time zone thing through when he suggested it. Details.)! Twice in a half hour! Oh the fun!

Don't let Mr. Daly fool you. This is how we party it up like it's 2009 in our home. 

First shot of the eight of us. EVER. I'm just as shocked as you are. Hobbit feet and space heater and all. 

Yay! 2014! I mean! 2010! Yay!!!

See example of the evolution of excitement. Or as Avery said. The energy

Lots of kisses. Both in PA and Ohio. 

The boys were shot by the second go-round. The girls could have done it all night till the actual midnight. But instead all in this house were asleep by 11 pm. Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014. Etc.



  1. adorable. all of it. everything you're saying

  2. Love the reference to the hobbit feet and space heater. And the picture of David with bed head :)

  3. AMAZING IDEA! I'm totally gonna borrow your you tube nye countdown idea! Brilliant!

  4. Hilarious!!! That is pure genius right there. I could have used that for myself considering I fell asleep before 10.

    I am loving the new blog design as well!!!

  5. AHHH! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout. It's so YOU;)

    What a trickster you are..totally stealing that idea for the littles next year. Or I might just skip out on hosting New Years and spend a night out on the town since I've never done that before.

    Pft. WHO AM I KIDDING. Yoga pants are much more comfortable.


  6. Brilliant creativity right there! And I think we are photography sisters. We both like that dark, contrasty mood to our photos. I look forward to coming here every day. I know a warm and cozy feeling set of photos to go with a story awaits me.

  7. Brilliant idea. Like, crazy good.

  8. So awesome. We had the kids celebrate with the NYC ball drop here so they could go to bed at a decent time too. Got to love time zones.

    hehe hobbit feet. :)


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