mawnday mawnday...

So good to me....

Ahem. I'll leave that one to The Mamas and the Papas

Welcome back Monday and welcome back you. In light of the fact that I have nothing really massive and important to add to this space today I'll just relive the weekend. It was a real doozy. Hi, my name is Laurie and I am sarcastic. Bear with me. This might turn into a tome the likes of The Pillars of The Earth. Which, by the way, is 973 pages long. 973!

- Friday David received his second torture session haircut. This time I had to use the entire strength in both of my biceps to restrain him in a generally upright position for optimum hair cuttage. I'm pretty sure he has forgiven both of us. I'm also certain that he aged 6 months in appearances. Thank you Aunt Rhonda for your kind sentiments that "you've seen worse." 

- Letteria Sings. It's the truth. She sings in the tub. She sings while she plays. She sings while she eats. She sings while she watches movies. And she sings in the car. She even sings when she's tired. She has quite the repertoire but lately we have been focusing on our Frozen soundtrack, which, she is addicted to. Please ignore the rogue chocolate milk drips down the side of the car. I can't tell you how long they've been there. But I can say with certainty that it was in the year 2013. Just which half I don't know. Also. We went to Burger King. Because I'm extremely health conscious.

- Saturday night we watched Captain Phillips. Highly intense. The only movie that has stressed me out more is The Impossible, which, my fingers were bloody and ragged for a solid week after that one. I need someone to explain to me why they couldn't give that cargo ship even one gun. One! I certainly hope that now there is another method of pirate repellent available to crew members other than fire hoses. Yes?

- David has been graced with pink eye! This happened to us the exact same month last year. Conjunctivitis swept through here and left no soul untouched. So watch out anyone who has come in contact with us in the last week or so.... don't touch your eyes! Wash your hands! If you have drops use them preventatively! Which is what we will all be doing.

- Sunday night after we returned to Babysitter Central (i.e. my parent's house) from a graduation party we attempted something we haven't attempted since Thanksgiving Night of 2010. Gulp. A. Shower. My kids. In a shower. Sneer if you will but we tried it. Once. She screamed. She was scarred. She cannot and will not shower. However! My parents have a walk-in, multiple shower head shower. It's as big as my closet. My socks came off and my leggings were rolled up and the attempt was made. Who needs a water park? Who needs a pool? Not these kids. My parent's water tank may be empty now but these kid's hearts are filled with joy.  And this mama is just thrilled that she was able to kill a few minutes during the witching hour. Note to self: slippery when wet. Bring crocs for future.

You're still with me? Yes? I'm sure you aren't because you, like me, value your sanity. So thank you mom for putting up with my rambling nonsensical concoction of a post. I promise I'll get my stuff together at some point. Just as soon as I scratch that itch in my right eye.....