ing words

I saw this on Camp Patton. And as you know I am quite a fan of Ms. Grace Patton. Also Kerri did this. And we are blogging buddies. As well as real life buddies. I felt left out.

Making: My carbon footprint just larger and larger. We've moved up to a load of laundry a day and a load of dishes a day. 
Cooking : I dropped cooking like a bad habit oh about... 27 months ago. Yes I know the exact moment.
Drinking : Is it after twelve? At least when I write this? Well then wine. Franzia. Boxed variety. Because I'm a classy gal. And because Whitney pretty much nailed it.
Reading : I'm still working on The Swan Thieves. And I used to call myself a reader. Bah! I got some new books for Christmas so I better get cracking.
Wanting : Everyone to get the babies they want. The health they want. Oh and a Big Mac.
Looking: Forward to Spring. It's not too soon. Don't you dare think that. Christmas is over. We can fast forward to April 1.
Playing: This train video for David. It's really making him dance in his diaper.
Wasting: Far too much time on what's left of the Real Housewives franchise. Come on Bravo.
Sewing: Oh you. Too funny. Although I can patch a mean hole in the seam of my leggings. That is all.
Wishing: On a shooting star? I feel like some of these may be redundant.
Enjoying: Warm socks and a fireplace. And wine.
Waiting: I'm so bad at waiting. It's more like rocking back and forth in a corner chewing on my cuticles until it's all over.
Liking: Revenge. Yes. I said it. Except when Emily says: "Amanda Clarke no longer existssssssssss" at the beginning of every flipping episode. Heavy on the "s."
Wondering: What, exactly, is so exciting about a video of a train. They aren't even blowing their whistle.
Loving: The big bear hugs I get from D. And when Letty says "Thank you, sir" regardless of the recipient's gender.
Hoping: For at least six hours of sleep tonight. If they could be consecutive and uninterrupted that would be absolute perfection.
Marveling: At how many words Letty knows in The Wizard of Oz. I'm talking... almost all of the words for the first forty minutes.
Smelling: Stale popcorn. I'm in the movie theater. It sounds so much more regal when I say that instead of finished basement/Matt's office/playroom number three/movie theater right?
Wearing: All long pajama pants are in the wash so I'm doing the capris. With high socks. It's as good as it sounds.
Following: Lots of pregnancies in the blog world. And maybe in real life too. Everyone and their mother. If such a thing was possible.
Noticing: That there have been a lot more spiders inside these four walls than I'd like.
Knowing: That keeping the curtains drawn over the weekend may have helped keep some cold out but it certainly made my cabin fever worse.
Thinking: This woman has the hair to have of all the hair in all the world.
Bookmarking: A great set of outdoor fixtures for my new house. If we ever get there. Buy my house! Please!
Opening: A new box of wine....
Giggling: Over this Bound 3 video. I know it's old news otters. But.. giggle.
Feeling: Like my glass is empty... check that. It is.

Happy Hump Day.