friday thoughts

Well well. Hello last day of January. You and your crazy bipolar weather can just wave goodbye to us now please and thank you because summer:

1 - So I hear that the Super Bowl is this Sunday. We haven't really gotten in to my love of sports on the blog but maybe now is a good time. So. Me no like sports. None of them. No Kerri, not even the Olympics, which I'm pretty sure makes me un-American. I hit the jack pot with a husband who is not a fan either. So have fun sports junkies!!! We will be not watching football this Sunday, but probably a gangster movie and enjoying a glass of red. But just for fun and to prove I can pretend with the best of them, I was at one point in my life lucky enough to be in a box at The Meadowlands for a game. A football game. There was a football. See I know sports good.

2 - Mister Torticollis, otherwise known as David, had a little appointment with a neurosurgeon this week. You can read a bit about torticollis here. David was born with it and we followed the correct chains and got him physical therapy and did the stretches, etc. until they decided developmentally, he was a-okay. But that Colbert ear did not improve. His jawline is still crooked, basically only visible to me when we look in a mirror. Strange but true fact. Our pediatrician just wanted to cover her bases and make sure there were no surprises, and try as I might to pretend it was no big deal it was in fact, a big deal. My brain went anywhere from MRI's to surgery to blood work. A very kind doctor came in and blew some bubbles and made D giggle and after a speedy examination deemed him just fine. Hey even the ear might fix itself on it's own. Now that. That's a tiny bit of good news for this mama. This isn't the most drastic of images but you can kind  of see the tilt. The tilt that caused it all.

3 - Wild. It's good. Add it to your read list. She is just phenomenal and my heart breaks for the stuff in her life. Some of the stuff she's been through. Any book that makes me cry a chapter in? Well I am cold-hearted so you know it's good. And I am just so thrilled to be reading something new. Thanks to my brother for the recommendation.
4 - Perusing Bean in Love is motivating me to go against every fiber in my being and try out consignment/thrift stores. I know Sarah has this on lock down but I have never attempted it other than the occasional Halloween costume. So help me my kiwi friend on this new adventure. That will probably take me down the block to the nearest consignment store. Where I will probably spend 45 minutes searching and leave with a cookbook of the Italian variety. Have patience.

5 - Speaking of shopping all of the Frozen merchandise in all of the lands seems to be sold out. Particularly if Elsa is involved. I realize that I am just perpetuating her obsession but it is kind of fun to discover your child's likes and so on. She is just crazy about this movie and the songs and the princesses and yes I just want to feed into that excitement for a little. Because to be honest. Do we as adults love anything as much as a child loves their... whatever it is they love? Take it away Paul Rudd. (Although I must disagree a bit because... their smiling faces make me enjoy just about anything.)

Linking up with these lovely ladies.... and have a great weekend! Uhm. Go team!