eleven random answers

Have you all met Tabitha? She likes hot coffee and warm hugs Disney as much as I do and she's one of my very first real blogging friends. She so kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award which is a great way to find other blogs and so on and so forth. And so thanks to her. She gave me 11 questions and I shall give 11 answers. The rest of it I might sit out on (sorry Tab, blame SAD).

1. What colour do you feel the most fabulous in? Extra points if you don't say black.  I just really like how you spell the word color. The extra 'u' just makes me feel all kinds of fancy. I love turquoise. Teal? This color (especially if I have a tan and I'm standing in Bermuda next to my thin sister):

2. What is the funniest thing you have ever worn? This turkey hat. I rocked it. It was for a turkey trot. I wore it the next year and even won a pumpkin pie for it. 

3. What is your idea of the perfect blate? (Mom a "blate" is when two bloggers meet in real life (which they call IRL) for a date. Or blate. Can you believe blogging is real?) The thought of this gets me all kinds of anxious. Because well. I'm a mean girl. Unintentionally!! But I am. I have a permanent "eff you" written on my forehead. I have to make a point to say, self: smile. So. There are so many wonderful ladies I have "met" through blogging and I would love to meet all of you in real life... But I'm warning you. I come across as a real bitch. Which is where the wine comes in handy. This is an example taken by my sister-in-law. But it's not even a good one because I'm kind of smiling. Normally my resting facial expression is much more menacing.

4. If you could live in the world of your favourite book or movie where would it be? You saucy minx you. With another extra 'u' and a near impossible question. I would love to be a friend to Scarlet O'Hara and wear a giant hoop skirt and be all kinds of dressed up. But not only is Gone With the Wind not a favorite movie of mine there's the whole war/slavery/inequality/lack of air conditioning thing happening. Some of my other favorite books involve dystopian societies and I'm frankly too outspoken to survive there. And just like that the lightbulb turned on! Under the Tuscan Sun. I want to live her (Frances Mayes's not Diane Lane's) life. Soaking up all of Tuscany all while cooking delicious meals and aged wines served to friends and family on your back patio under round bulbed string lights...

5. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream? Double the u! Sorry I'm still in Tuscany. Say what now? Ah. Gelato!!! Caffe. Due. Per favore. From someplace like this:

6. Name your best quality. My insane memory. Insane in the membrane insane. Not with important things. Heavens no those I forget lickedy split. But inane things like song lyrics and movie quotes. I could have ruled the world with that brain power. 

7. What is your guilty pleasure? Wine. And trash tv. I recently exposed my sister-in-law to the glory of Mob Wives. It's so bad it's good. 

8. What is your favourite blog post you have written? Tell us why and leave a link. How does one narrow it down? I'm asking for a friend. I really liked my 30th birthday post but probably just because I had a great 30th birthday. I have a running list of my top favorite posts here if you're interested.

9. If you were to cast a Patronus Charm what would you conjure?
A dolphin!!!! I think they are fantastic creatures. I was such a dolphin fanatic when I was a kid. I had a ring from Hawaii that I spent more money on than I had ever heard of at the time. Plus they can kill sharks with that nose. Bad. Ass. 

10. What is your go to song on your workout/run playlist? Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars. If anything is going to make you move your booty faster it's Jared Leto and that amazing voice of his. We kind of love that band.

11. Who is your most embarrassing celebrity crush? Devon Sawa. It first started with Casper and then moved on to Night of the Twisters. By the time of Final Destination I was over it. Clearly my taste has improved with age. See above.

And that was fun. Definitely helped with the aforementioned SAD. It was a way better way to spend David's nap rather than the alternative of sleeping. I need to get out more. The cabin fever. It's making me a bit nuts. Not quite to Jack being a dull boy status.... But... Thankfully I go to my sister's tomorrow. I'm coming for you Beth.