It's been quite some time since I've done one of these and because we haven't left the house much lately... I give you: Currently...

On the chalkboard: I really try so hard to emulate those type-masters who come before me. Handwriting masters? If I had to come up with this on my own it would appear as though a second grader wrote it. With her non-dominant hand.

Finally. FINALLY! I finished that book that has been taunting me for months. Once I start a book I think it's a personal affront on my character if I do not complete it. So that last one? It was killin me Smalls. But I tried. I worked hard. I finished it. Now on to one of my Christmas presents. Alissa. You with me?

Watching with Matt:
I've already watched whatever I can of this show but Matt is behind. I'm catching him up. I'm not sure if he loves the show itself or just loves seeing this little lady walking around in her underpants. 

Christmas did me in. It did. I'm back on crack cakes of any variety. These just happen to be oh so teeny cute hearts.

Oh my. Brooklyn Bean Roastery. How I love you. I need to figure out where I can buy you because you are quite wonderful. Every flavor that I've tried I've loved. And the names? Fuggedaboudit. 

I think I have it all figured out. Toys in our living room. Crayons. Markers. Puzzles and games and Play-doh. Oh my! I forced them in to submission. For now. Check back within a week. David might have learned how to open tupperwares by then.

Thinking about:
When I can get my next Diet Pepsi. I'm trying caffeine free because well otherwise I'd be having the major shakes. But I do my diy fountain soda. Or at home fountain soda whatever. Me and my fountain sodas. Sigh.

Watching on the treadmill:
Yup. Still on season 1 of Revenge. I'm getting there. Slowly. I just may be a convert. Maybe.

As I type this:
David naps and....this. She is a ham. She may not feel well and she may be taking my crack cakes but look at her? My little posing ham. And how I love her.