christmas morn with the restuvus

Happy New Year!! We bid you ado 2013. You were not the kindest to yours truly and those I love, so I can't say I'm sad to see you go. Please request that your younger sibling be kinder to us.... 2014? We love you? Take it easy on us, okay?

Back to regularly scheduled programming.

After the ripping of the paper at our house on Christmas morning it's off to my parent's house again for a power breakfast and more presents. And our annual "kid" picture in front of the tree. I bet Rob is just thrilled that the first year, so many years ago, he had his girl sit on his knee. Because that's the kind of thing I'll be making him do every single year until he can no longer kneel.

Then up we go to the fun room and open lots and lots of presents. Which if we are being honest here is more exciting since the arrival of children. They get such joy out of it don't you think? David got more things with wheels from his Uncle T and that's just perfect. Letty got her third dress of the day. Both kids got slippers and David got some choo choo's. And more. I think everyone young and old(er) loved their gifts that came in packages large and small.

Letty got an Easy Bake Oven from her Aunt Ashley and Uncle Robbie. And I'm not sure who is more excited. Letteria or her daddy. Or in these pictures her uncle.

Coming up next... Christmas dinner back at our house.



  1. I loved my easy bake oven. and a girl can never have too many dresses.

  2. Love the family pic. I never had an easy bake oven. :(

  3. The kid pic is so great! The girl on the lap comment was hilarious!!!

  4. Totally agree that having kids makes opening Christmas presents a thousand times more fun! They just get so excited! Makes me smile every single time. I love baby girl in her belle dress, such a princess!

  5. I love the pictures. The children are so adorable! I hope 2014 will bring much happiness, health, and all wonderful things to all of you.


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