christmas dinner.

The mind reels that there could be more, right? But there is always more when it comes to me and Christmas festivities. Everyone took a few hours off after breakfast and rested or ate more food or what not. We reconvened back at our casa for the dinner. We were joined by my Grammy and by Matt's brother as well just to make it the largest dinner that we have ever served. Coming in at lucky number 13. We watched White Christmas and my Grammy just couldn't get over the size of our tv. Is it a window? she wondered...

My Grammy will be turning 90 in just a matter of weeks. Just need to point that out. Because it's huge and is of note. We discussed how in her younger years she wore a dress and heels and made the entire dinner and washed all the dishes by hand and watched three kids the entire time and that sentence makes me tired. She's a rock star. End of story.

How about this crazy sunset eh? Hashtag no filter.

Men in the kitchen. Aren't I a lucky girl?

My Chef Matteo made brown buttered noodles and wine short ribs. As well as sweet corn he had saved from the summer. It sounds so pioneer of him right? To save some of the harvest for the cold and sparse winter months? I repeat: aren't I a lucky girl? That paragraph could use just one more question mark. Right?

Dessert was made up of things remaining from the prior evening. I don't know how we found the room in our bellies. But we did.

I came downstairs the following morning to a sad looking Christmas tree. Half of the lights had gone and left me. I wasn't ready to take it down! We had at least another week together! How tragic! I only just put it up! The horror! But then my husband came to the rescue and switched out a fuse and just like that my tree was up and shining in it's former glory. Crisis averted. The tree and I have another week together. That puts a nice little bow on this Christmas season. It was far from perfect. But it had it's moments of shining lights I think.

I hate to say it, I really truly do. But I think I'm done with Christmas posts for the year. As it is now a full day into the new year it's starting to be the time I get my house back to the boring state it resides in for the other 11 months of the year. It's about time to pull the plug. I'll do my best to only stare at the vacant spot left by the tree for a day. Maybe two. I need at least that for mourning. Because. Wah.