cheers to the weekend with five unrelated things.

1 - Plans are officially being formulated for a visit to the happiest place on earth. This place is of course Disney World. We are a bit Disney obsessed in this house. The movies. The theme park. The pirates. There will probably be countdowns and toddler activities and packing lists and yes I may already have purchased Disney-wear for the kids. Letty is already plotting her hostile takeover of the Norway Pavilion in Epcot so she can meet Anna and Elsa. And where else is it acceptable to trot around in your Tinkerbell costume? Nowhere, that's where.

2 - Discussions have begun. Discussions about (gulp) preschool. Thinking about her being old enough to head off to school kind of makes Matt and I want to - for lack of a better word - cry. We constantly look at each other and say wow, she's growing up so fast! School will be yet another milestone in a lifetime of growing up, but it is the first major one and, sniff. Since the school district we hope to be in shortly has full day kindergarten the question is: does she start when she is five or do we do two years of preschool first to prep her for full-day? Serious questions that affect the rest of everything else. So. 

3 - I'm not the hugest fan of Valentine's Day but this year I decided to step it up from zero decor to a little decor. I will also be doing homemade Valentines so. Color me converted. I even did a diy chalkboard platter thing for my mantle. I have a fever. And the only prescription, is more chalkboard.

4 - I got these new boots from Target and I quite like them. I like them enough that I may end up choosing denim over my leggings just so I can wear them more often. Unless it's appropriate to wear black leggings and brown boots in which case thank you Jesus. 

5 - Tomorrow we celebrate my Grammy's 90th birthday with a little family gathering. 90. In her lifetime she has witnessed the world around her morph and change in a capacity I cannot even begin to fathom. For example, in the year of her birth, the first President of the United States delivered a radio broadcast from the White House, Native Americans were granted citizenship rights, it took Maughan 21 hours and 48 minutes to fly from NY to SF, the first woman was elected governor, it marked the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, J. Edgar Hoover was appointed Director of the FBI, the average car cost $375, milk cost $0.55 a gallon, and IBM and MGM were founded. That was just in the year of her birth. Her life is remarkable. So happy birthday to her.

Have a great weekend everybody!