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being 90 and your party


Saturday was my Grammy's 90th birthday gathering. The original plan was for the whole brood to head to my parent's house but Mother Nature intervened. Because when you are 90 and you have a steep driveway and it snows, you don't go outside unless it's been cleared. So the whole lot of us made the trek to grandmother's house. We decided it has been near twenty years since we were all gathered under her roof for a meal. And I think a 90th birthday is just such a worthy occasion. 

She requested Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes which we made into the garlic kind. The normal corn and stuffing fare. And apple cake for dessert. We were without a coffee maker so off some of the men went after dinner in search of coffee in a box. They also returned with a dozen donuts. We are too much, really. 

David practiced wearing her old sunglasses and everyone gathered around sitting on the floor and talking and laughing and eating too much food. It was a nice visit. So happy birthday to Grammy! And many more!!

Nothing like a little floor sitting and a little male supervision if you ask me. 

Housekeeping note: I've decided to stop filtering my photos with VSCO Cam. Can we agree they look a lot better au naturale? And it won't take me nearly as long to upload. Winner winner. 



  1. Beautiful photos, I love that the kids have this time with her! And may I just say, the very first photo is, the best photo on the planet. David in those glasses. My goodness. Also, Letty's cardigan, is the sweetest thing ever. x

  2. She looks great for 90!! Love your family and how close ya'll are!

  3. Great photos, as usual! :) I bet your Grammy loved having you all there to celebrate!

  4. Happy birthday!!! I miss going to my grandmothers every sunday for sunday dinner and having the whole family around. It hasn't happened in so so soooo many years. I also miss donuts, haven't found a good donut place in the tundra yet, but the quest must continue!

  5. Looks like you all had a great time and what a perfect reason to celebrate! D looks so cute in those sunglasses!

  6. love all the pics - sans filter is good!

  7. Sounds like a great party to me! David in the sunglasses = #winning

    Don't tell me I can get coffee by the box too! bahahaha

  8. Those sunglasses! Hilarious, and also adorable on him. What a sweet and fun party :)


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