baby wipes. not just for baby's bottoms.

I maintain that no matter how old my children are I will never stop stocking up on baby wipes. I am constantly telling people about how wonderful they are for all sorts of fun purposes. No longer will the baby wipe be solely condemned to a lifetime of wiping cute little hineys! Free is the baby wipe to explore other avenues of usefulness. Don't believe me? It's Friday and so I give you Five Other Uses for Baby Wipes (other than the use they were created for).
Disclaimer: I am a personal fan of the generic brand from BJ's in the scented variety. But for these purposes any should do. But I can only speak for BJ's.

1 - Remove red wine stain from a light colored carpet. Add to that: any other carpet stains except rust. Red wine spills happen. And as sad as those moments might be, knowing that the stain can be removed with a handy dandy little wipe makes it sting a bit less.

2 - Spot cleaning the shirt you just schlepped marinara all over. We Italians love our sauce. Our olive oil. Our balsamic. And we spill things when our hands are moving all over the place. Never again will you have to sit in a restaurant knowing that it looks like you're lactating marinara sauce. Baby wipe it.

3 - Cleaning base moldings. You can also enlist the free labor readily at your disposable to assist with this project. Because this chore sucks. There is no way around it. Who wants to crawl around cleaning moldings? A toddler. That's who. And the baby wipe is gentle enough for their ass so it's gentle enough for cleaning purposes.

4 - Make up removal. It's a late night. You've been standing on your feet for longer than you care to remember. You finished off that last sip of wine. You just want to get warm and comfy and be in the confines of your bed. You don't want to splash harsh cold water all over your face or make the long treck to the bathroom. Baby wipe to the rescue. Even removes water proof mascara. Yes ma'am.

5 - Armpit refresher. Quicker than a shower and leaves you smelling baby-hiney fresh. Sometimes a girl just needs a baby wipe.

There you have it. Don't judge the future me when I'm still carting around my mom bag full of wipes. I'll be the one to save the day. 

Happy Friday to everyone! Have a great weekend! And so on and so forth.



  1. [i hate this damn comment box. i comment and it doesn't show up. ROUND TWO]

    can one buy baby wipes if one is not a mom? ha

  2. Hahahaha great list. My mom is an eternal baby wipes buyer. Great for picnics, hiking, boat trips. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who looks like they are lactating food sauce lol

  3. Clearly it is an Italian thing to clean EVERYTHING with baby wipes. This makes me love you more that you are a fan :) I have a stash of baby wipes in every corner, under the seats in my car. And then if you let a couple dry out you have napkins! haha

  4. hahaha! I know you were attempting to be serious with this post, but I still find it amusing, mainly because I use them for all the things you described and thought I was the only one! The main reason I use them for everything? I have baby wipes to last me until Savanna turns 18. I get them on auto delivery from so they just keep coming even though we have a ton! LOL

  5. I cannot believe wipes do ALL of!!! Thanks for the tips!

  6. Even though they're called baby goods, it doesn't mean that anybody won't be able to use them. Of course not all baby items may be used by everyone (e.g. you surely cannot use nappies and child clothes).
    Couches jetables ou lavables?


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