thanksgiving ala us

Thanksgiving. Oh you. Thank God my pants of choice involve elastic waistbands. 

The day began with the traditional Turkey Trot. This is our third year and each year we have tried out a different trot. This year we settled on Millersville's race. It was chilly. Understatement when it's 27 degrees if you ask me. I forgot my ear buds, my gloves, and half of my brain at home that morning. Good thing you just need your legs to run. And run we did. My dad and I even improved on our time so. Win. Oh and my fingers thawed out nicely after mile one.

After David's nap we headed over to my parents where all the New Yorkers had already gathered. The wine was poured and the antipasta was set out. Otherwise known as my favorite part of the entire day. Letteria got to play with the only cousins she has and my she does love them so. And we watched my mom cook and the kids play and it was noisy which is just how I like my family gatherings.

Lest you be confused... That is our food in the garage. We have a big family. And my parents have an insanely nice garage (I get my OCD honestly). We all wanted to be in the same room at the same table for dinner instead of spread out all over. So. Garage and rented tables it was. It was actually genius. The kids could really not get into much trouble. The dropped food was just fine left on the floor. And after they had had enough dinner there was plenty of room for running around in circles. Why do toddlers enjoy running in circles? 

And this. This makes me happy. Almost all my peoples:

Cornelius rang the doorbell just like last year. Letty was more interested in the candy cane than the elf. But at least she said his name. Baby steps. 

Then I did something I have never done before. I drove to the mall with my sister and my cousin for... gulp, shopping. I know it's not technically Black Friday shopping when it's still Thursday but I'll maintain that's what I did. BF shopping. And it didn't suck. The crowds weren't bad. The only store with a serious line was Old Navy. And the deals were pretty good. If I needed anything... which I didn't. Schade.

Thanksgiving 2013. Till next year. Over and out.