snow day!

I am very lucky in my life to have two people to help keep me sane as a stay-at-home-mom on a semi-regular basis. I have my mother. Hallelujah. And I have my neighbor. This day relates to the neighbor portion.

Snow days might just be the thing that I will miss the most when and if we ever move to our new place. Once school starts each year I sometimes have to go a whole week without seeing Stephanie (a whole week!). The days of spending two+ meals together are gone and it gets a bit lonely around these parts. But every now and then over the winter months a slight glimmer shoots across my stay-at-home-mom horizon. Or a huge freaking star, whatever. It's a snow day! Yes they can be just as exciting when you are an adult as when you are a kid. It means that my best friend and my kid's best friends are all stranded just a short walk away. And that is a reason to get out of bed I'll tell you.

Steph was still recovering from the plague so I offered to play with the girls and David outside while her and Liam rested safely and warmly in the confines of their house. We made snow angels. And Olaf. You know. From Frozen. We played on the swings and we watched Daddy work an antique snow blower. We went down the slides and threw a snowball or two. And then Steph invited us in for some hot chocolate.What a world. 

Snow days. The best kind of winter days.



  1. these are awesome photos. and david in the swing? swoon.

  2. Wow that camera. These pictures turned out great! I especially love the one of Letty and Avery arm in arm. So cute! And of course David in his snow gear...adorable!

  3. Love the photos! and the snowman really does resemble Olaf. I'm sure the kids were pleased! Who picked out the red?! I know you could never lose them in the snow, haha! Adorable!

  4. Those hats! Those faces! This makes me sure without a doubt that I want to at the very least take my kids somewhere snowy each winter. Playing in the snow is a special kind of magic. Not to mention adorable to photograph. Have you considered child photography as a business? You just catch their little expressions so well.

  5. So much fun was had. Great photos! I still need to see Frozen!


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