santa! I know him!

Blame this title on the fact that we are on Elf viewing number three of the season. And it only recorded on the 27th. Letteria is nothing if not thorough.

Every year on Black Friday I drag my kid(s) and Matt to Elizabeth Farms to visit Santa. We no longer go there for the real live tree, but that doesn't mean we don't drive over the river and through the woods to get there just for Santa.

They have some animals and a gift shop with free hot chocolate. They have horse drawn wagons and a train display (David loves nothing like he loves trains). They have old store window displays and of course, Santa. They have a lot of things.They even have mini candy canes for the kids.

Oh thank you kids. For participating. Why would you do something as cooperative as just sit on his lap like normal children? Why did mom and dad have to join? Why couldn't you smile? 

Because I felt Letty's cute outfit was neglected with the Santa shot I had to try and get a good one myself later when scary old men with white beards and a suit of red weren't around. That girl. Her and I. We get along like something worse than oil and water. Grrr. 

See? It ain't all roses and smiles. Ain't all roses.