polar express party

Just like most things in life this idea seemed better in my mind. But it's Christmas (is it? I bet you had no idea.) and The Polar Express is just about as magical and Christmasy as you can get. And I have a son that loves trains. He says choo choo. It's one of his words. You would do it too. 

I invited the neighbors and my sister and the man that is now her husband over for a "Polar Express Party". The children dug it. PJs were already donned. They had their ticket and their bells. And I tried to hide my disappointment that our projector bulb had decided to take a poop. Which pretty much means it no longer functioned. 

With no projector the theater was, as only natural, closed for maintenance. Thankfully like most Americans we own more than one television. 

Popcorn and hot chocolate and cookies and trains and some family. Sounds about right to me.