ornament making. and the beth show.

Our previous date for ornament making was thwarted by a certain bug. Not going to name and names but. Boo. So we Trovato women figured we should get it in before the Snowpocolypse of the weekend. Normally Trovato Ornament Night involves us all, including the men. But by the powers that be all that was left was my sister and I. While my mom handled the children. And that's just alright with me. 

You will need glass balls. Puffy paint. Spray paint. You could really go crazy here with possibilities. Solid color balls. Glitter puffy paint. Glass balls with paint inside or out. Whatever. Pick your poison. We went with glass balls and white or glitter puffy paint. 

I personally feel like these turn out best if you decorate the ball with more puffy paint. This gets tricky if you don't want to wait for it to dry and need a place to hold onto said ball. Make sure you've got a place to hang it during the decorative process so you can cover the entire thing with paint if that's your plan. Have a q-tip handy to clean up paint if you make a mistake. 

The paint took about two hours to dry. Then the spray paint comes in. Wear gloves if you don't want to be covered in it. Hanging them during spraying isn't effective, just isn't. Gotta get dirty. Hence the gloves. 

The spray paint dried rather quickly. Andddd done. I left one of my balls spray paint-less because the puffy paint just happened to be glitter and it looked pretty just as it was. 

During the drying process Beth and Letty worked on some pre-made and cut cookies. Added sprinkles. Serious business. 

The basement at my parent's house is cavernous and holds all sorts of wonders. A yellow convertible. Various riding vehicles and balls. And all of the storage from our house. Over eager moving beavers we were. It's a wee bit chilly down there though, so bundle up my little gnome. In a sweater that was hand made for your Uncle T only 33 years ago. 

Serious car driving in the basement. 

It may have been a slightly calmer version of Trovato Ornament Night but it was still a good one just the same.