olsens and christmas

Happy day after Christmas! I hope everyone had a great day spent with those you love and eating food you love and so on and so forth.

Aren't her stockings quite the deal? 

Marriage can throw a wrench in Christmas traditions sometimes methinks. Because you don't want to leave your family but it's certainly unfair to ask your husband to leave his. I'm not quite certain how it morphed into the Olsens having Christmas on a day that was in fact not Christmas, but it's what we now do. Because Four Christmases stresses me out. 

And! We had a special treat this year. My brother-in-law, who left us over 18 months ago for the Pacific Northwest, is home for a few weeks! And Dan is David's spirit animal. If you believe in such things. David not only looks like Dan, but he has been giving me Dan-like faces for the past ten months or so. Which is just the neatest. Seeing aunt and uncle mannerisms and such coming out in your kids. The neatest.

We opened some presents...

One of which took a doctoral student, an engineer and an property adjuster an hour to put together. 

Aunt Sue always knows just what these kids will love. You can tell this ain't her first rodeo. Letty has been carting Minimus around all week. 

See? Spirit animal. 

This picture will make my chilly heart happy for years to come. If only David felt the same way. Here are the Olsen men. 

We don't do a traditional Christmas meal. I don't even know what that would be even if I decided I wanted one. So Chef Matteo made bruschetta. And I did Mac n' Cheese because Dan requested it be so. Matt did this chicken dish too. And Aunt Sue brought the cookies. Her cookies bring all the boys to the yard. 

Especially those last ones. Cheesecake cookies? Sign me up. 

How bout it? What do you guys do with your in-laws around the holidays?