lights as a life saver

These kids man. This house man... I'm telling you.... I just... I just can't take it.... 

Okay of course I can take it. I'm a mom. But my inner self is in a corner somewhere rocking back and forth with the shakes. 

I had a genius idea on day 394,857 of my captivity. Lights! Of the Christmas variety! Sickness or fever or whatever aside - it is perfect! Throw those kids in their jammies in a warmed up car and peace. Out. I really maintain that this is genius. Which is probably just the madness talking. Lancaster Online has a whole section on their app with a Christmas Lights map. Little handy snowflakes tell you where to go and then with just a touch of your finger you can get the address, the hours, the radio station to turn to, etc. We went to the three closest places. And maybe got a milkshake or two. By the time we rolled into the driveway all the kids were asleep and we were quite smug. Yes. Yes we were. And we actually had fun. Matt and I. Imagine that.

//is it a selfie if there are four of us? it's creepy no matter what.\\

Ahh... what a peaceful bedtime it was that night... happy sigh.