frozen in the movies and in real life

This past Sunday was Stephanie's birthday, and lucky her she had avoided the plague. Poor Avery had recovered sufficiently enough from said plague to go out into the great wide world with her mother to a movie. Frozen to be exact. Letty and I almost stampeded out the door when we got an invite because well. It had been since Thursday since so much as a toe had stepped outside other than the garage.

It's kind of a big deal to take your three year old to a movie. This was the first time I had the honor. I know. I missed a first. Sniff. But this was my first and what a cute first it was. Such a fun movie and great songs (this one I've been humming all day) and I loved every part of it. I brought enough snacks to feed all of the children in all of the theaters. And water. And maybe some wine in a water bottle. I broke the rules and was a total Nervous Nelly until the lights went off. But yay movie!

No picture of the birthday girl. Shame on me. Sorry! We left the theater and there was.... SNOW! How magical for a little girl... to watch a movie all about snow and leave the dark theater, turn the corner and see this white blanket everywhere! The first snow of the season! At least I think it's kind of magical. I maintain the girls did too.

But what is most certainly not magical about snow? Driving in it. I hate every single thing about it. Passenger or driver I cannot stand it. It wasn't supposed to really start with any seriousness until I was already home, so I was taken by surprise. That minxy snow. But I white knuckled it and got us home in one piece. I prevailed.

What's a first snow of the year without playing in it?

I just think there aren't many things more Christmasy than white lights underneath fresh snow. Yes. Freshly fallen snow.

Cozy idn't it? The night ended with warm tubbies and space heaters and fires and wine and Homeland. The rest of the weekend might have sucked. But Sunday? Sunday was just the best. Thank you Stephanie for letting us (as always) crash your mommy/daughter dates. Happy birthday. And thank you Jack Frost. Forever and ever.