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four very important and equally unrelated christmas events.


Pickings have been pretty slim around these parts recently. So when Matt traveled across all the lands and came home with Command Strips so I could hang up these kid's felt Christmas tree we were elated. Just elated. Can you imagine? A tree they can touch. I do my best to let her creative juices flow. I try and pretend that it's perfectly acceptable to have presents in the center of the tree. Perfectly acceptable. And then when she turns her back I just correct that little snafu. This was the first event.

The second event involved these delicious little Christmas tree cakes. My mom used to bring them home for my siblings and I when I was in middle school. Yum. I swear they have crack in them because I fell off the wagon with one the other day and now I am practically drooling thinking about when my next fix cake is coming my way. At first I wasn't planning on sharing. Because I'm the Mother of the Year. But Matt brought home three boxes... so.... I figure I could spare a few. Her first serving of crack cake:

Have you ever wondered where to put your Christmas cards? Yeah. Me too. So my neighbor uses lovely ribbons and tape and clothes pins and wala! Display those cards on your kitchen cabinets. They were a corner of my house not yet dripping in Christmas. It was a solution to a very important problem. This was event three:

The fourth (and final you lucky readers you) event was a package! Mail! Receiving mail is exciting at any age. She got this package from her Great Aunt Sue (how lucky we are to have her). It included her very first pair of child-proof scissors (pink!) and reindeer food! For Santa's reindeer! With glitter!

Have you ever been locked in the house for an eternity six days? One goes a little nuts when such a thing happens. Just a little.



  1. loveeeee those cakes. i can't buy them or i'll eat them all myself. in like two days.

  2. I helped make that tree! ;) And look at Lettys long curls!!!! What a doll. Also, I'm stealing Stephs idea, too. I've ALWAYS wondered what to do with Christmas cards. Genius! :)

  3. Christmas tree snackie cakes! I'm fairly certain that my face looks exactly like Letty's in these photos when I'm eating one. Ok four. Hey! They're kid sized! I need four!

  4. That tree idea is just too cute! Also, I like the idea of ribbon on the cabinets. Last year I made a card holder, I used a hanging Christmas sign, attached ribbon and used clothes pins. Now I can just hang that on the wall where ever I want to see the cards :)

  5. When you pull out the kid scissors you know you have been inside too long! haha. I did the same thing last winter when I was on bed rest, i was like, kid scissors…glue…puppies…cake for dinner. Whatever you want because we are all going c-r-a-z-y!

  6. I think I would like to try some of that crack, I mean cake. Love the Christmas card idea.

  7. Love that ribbon idea. I pinned it once. Many moons ago. I just need to suck it up and hang some ribbon already. Currently, the cards are wedged into our wooden blinds and they keep falling every day :/ FAIL.


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