diy grandparent ornaments. no peaking!

Now now Nonna and Mimi and Nanny. Heed the warning. This post is not for your eyes. Click off of it. Stat. 

On Monday we convened with the neighbors and made our grandparent ornament from each kid. I'm not quite sure why we continue to do this to ourselves. The boys just don't really feel the whole craft aspect of it. And I end up sweating. A lot. But we do it anyway because we are masochists.

The final product was a glass ball with a white hand print that was then made to look like snowmen. With their names of course.

You just need some balls. I would personally recommend the unbreakable variety but Hobby Lobby didn't have them in the color I wanted so glass they were. And white paint. And sharpies. You could do all kinds of colors but my mom has a red and white tree so I really stuck to the basics here.

You paint the kids hands and then have them (gently) grab onto the bottom of the ball. Our balls came with this handy dandy container so that's where we put them to dry. If you have more than one kid you might want to use different hands so you can tell the balls apart. Letty was right, David was left.

These boys. Like I said. They just don't get it. David kept clasping his hand together and he put his hand in his mouth and on his pants. If only I had that third arm that would have been perfect for this craft. Like I said. Sweating. He just puts up with me. He's just resigning himself for a lifetime of this sort of thing. I kind of love that about him.


Then after they are good and dry the mommy's do their magic and make the balls turn into a bunch of snowmen. Add the hats and the buttons and the nose, etc. Maybe a scarf if you are particularly creative. I am not and I am also lacking the artistic gene. So basics it was.

So there you have it. Our easy and cute cute cute ornaments for the wonderful grandparents in our lives. Merry Christmas to them!