cornelius week one and a few days

These are the antics Mister Cornelius has been up to this week and some change. He brought Letty and David some fun Christmas tees... he got stuck in her blinds... then he had to stay with Santa in the North Pole for a whole entire day because she was so naughty... he took a tubby and was all toweled up...he got a tad over zealous with a baggie of Jelly Beans...he brought the kids Jammie's and took pictures of Letty's figurines...he climbed up Cinderella's castle ala Godzilla...he sat amongst the snow babies and watched a sickly family...he viewed a movie in the theater with some popcorn...and after watching Elf he was really jonsing for some candy pasta with a side of syrup. Is there sugar in syrup?

And as always with me... there will be more where this came from.

Oh and here are last year's antics for your viewing pleasure.



  1. yay i can comment bc i'm on a real computer. cornelius is one sneaky sneaky fellow.

  2. cute pictures! I especially love the ones of him in the towel and watching a movie with popcorn.

  3. So cute!! What a creative little fella!

  4. I love him in the jelly bean bag : )

  5. What a sneakster! I kind of want one. Is it wrong if I don't have kids? lol


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