cleanest craft around

Another snow day activity other than playing in real life snow? Making snow dough. It's the craft of the crafts for the OCD people in the world.

You need a roll of toilet paper. Water. And a bar of Ivory soap. Apparently that's the only soap to use I don't know I haven't tested it. I listen to the rules as according to Pinterest. See above.

You tear up the entire roll of toilet paper into little pieces in a big bucket or whatever you have that can hold all that. If your kids enjoy tearing up napkins/tissues/toilet paper like mine this is the best part. In their eyes.

Then you microwave the soap. Yes that is right. Put it on a plate that can say... go in the microwave and go to town. I started with one minute and then just kept doing 15 second increments until the bar was no more and we were left with nothing but fluff. Lovely smelling fluff. 

The soap is now paper-like and flaky. We just broke it up into pieces and added it to the toilet paper. Then you add water. Go slowly. I added two cups and I could have gotten away with less. It was a bit moist. I just used my hands to mix it all together. I should say the soap was hot. It just came out of the microwave after all.

And then you play. Mold it, whatever I don't know I'm not a big play-doh person but I hear that's what you do with this sort of thing. 

And now my table has never been cleaner. Which, if you know me, was really the goal all along.