christmas morn

Christmas morning. The best. Matt and I were more excited about this than the kids. Clearly David is unsure what all the hub-bub is about and Letteria we actually had to wake up ourselves. Guess the late night the night before really took it out of them.... Just can't party like they used to.

Mostly Letty opened the gifts and David watched patiently. Aren't big sisters just the best?

The only thing that she wanted from Santa was a Snow White dress. And here it is in all it's glory.

Which she loved until she opened her present from David. That Snow White dress came off faster than something really fast and on went Princess Anna's dress. Note for Laurie 2014: do her hair before coming down the stairs. Because... yikes.

David got a lot of things that have wheels and lots of books. Letty of course got the dresses and then big kid things like games and play-doh. Heaven help me.

Up tomorrow? Christmas morning continues on at my parent's house.... as per tradition.

Oh! Happy New Year's Eve!



  1. Haha I love the picture of David looking over Lettys shoulder with his hands behind his cute!

  2. stoic david. he's the cutest. ok they both are - clearly :)

  3. Ok David is the cutest kid, I have never seen a boy be so still in my life! My boys ripped open presents like the house was on fire!! And Letty in those dresses…to die for! And girl her hair is a ball of amazing with those curls.

  4. Cutest princess award! Love her hair! :)

  5. Those pyjamas and those kids - oh the cuteness!


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